My Manchester United rant thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Expect many rants from me in the future if we keep performing the way we do. We play Shaktar tonight, so perhaps I'll be filling this thread up earlier than anticipated.
  2. This is now my fap thread.
  3. You should let me ghost write your rants since I'm the GOAT ranter.
  4. I'm just never calm enough to google hilarious gifs and use them with the site smilies and put them in the right place :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Must be posted when Manchester United is mentioned

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  6. Neymar <3
  7. Neymar should quit football and start a boy band.
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  8. he's got the dancing part down. only question is can he sing
  9. not being able to sing never stopped any other boy bands from succeeding
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  10. touche
  11. Januzaj and Kagawa <333333
  12. Shakhtar <3
  13. Suarez > Rooney > Rio Ferdinand as ST > Van Persie
  14. Zach officially morphing into a scouser.

    As for mid-week performance, we were poor yet again. We play such few forward passes from midfield that our chances of winning or even creating chances drastically decrease. I've never seen a midfield in need of such dire repair. Cleverley, Fellaini, and Anderson all need to go and be replaced by world class players. Sell them and buy the likes of Strootman, Koke, and Gundogan. Those three, with Carrick & Kagawa, means we have a functioning midfield that can compete at the top level.
  15. Zach do you actually know anything about football? Like seriously. Hell I'm a dribbler and even I don't come out with as much shit as you.
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  16. Marked for the dribbler self confession
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  17. Manchester United sounds like a gangbang prison porno
  18. no
  19. Time to get through to the semis. Last weeks performance against Villa was outstanding in comparison to toher performances. Rooney may not like it, but him dropping back to make our midfield a 3 is the best thing for the club. Hopefully Moyes realises he could just buy a couple world class CM's and put Rooney forward and make us competitive again.

    How I would set the team up (presuming all players are fit)

    David De GOAT
    Rafael - Smalling - Vidic - Evra
    Carrick - Kagawa
    Valencia - RVP - Januzaj
    Then in the summer I would sell RVP (injury prone, clearly doesn't want to be here, and ageing) while we can still get a decent fee. I'd then buy Gundogan, Reus, and Shaw. Dortmund are unfortunately on the decline and ARE a selling club, and those players will not get paid as much there as they would here so we can easily attract them. Shaw is a possibility, but if we lose out on him, I'd go for Baines. As for RVP's replacement, I'd just start Rooney and have Welbeck & Hernandez used more often. If we did HAVE to buy a new striker like we did when we first bought RVP due to lack of goals, then I'd sell Hernandez or use him in a swap deal to acquire Diego Costa. My new team would be:

    David De GOAT
    Rafael - Smalling - Vidic - Shaw
    Carrick - Gundogan
    Reus - Rooney - Januzaj
    Surprisingly, even with the massive changes, this team probably isn't good enough to win the CL still. We'd still need to acquire new players eventually. Vidic is on his last legs, Evans isn't good enough technically, and our squad isn't good enough to replace any of the players out there skill for skill.
  20. I'm not Shaw if I like your left back suggestion tbh.
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