My mom is crazy..

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  1. Luckily this situation does not involve me. Our dogs aren't really supposed to be outside at night because they bark a lot. This has been going on for years, but out of nowhere our neighbors have been complaining about our dogs. My mom seems to think they were the ones that called the police one night since they were the only ones complaining about them. I wasn't outside because I was busy cleaning the inside, but my stepdad says my mom mooned the neighbors... O_O awkward... I better keep cleaning the house because I don't want her to start fussing at me. The lesson here is... Never make someone's mom angry, especially if she is a redneck. You never know what kind of crazy things my mom will do when she's angry. Anyone else have any crazy family stories?
  2. IS this real or was this fan fiction?
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  3. This is real. I know it sounds so crazy that it would sound made up, but I'm not kidding. I didn't actually see what happened but I'll take my stepdad's word for it. Usually when she's mad she'll just use some bad words. I'm sure she did that too.
  4. Sounds like an asshole. Your neighbors probably had a scheduling change at work or IRL and it's annoying as fuck having dogs bark all night.

    Either way, classy.
  5. Does she at least have a nice arse?
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  6. What's your address? Kicking out your neighbors and calling the police on your dogs everyday. I'm usually awake from 2 PM to about 5AM.
  7. My mom used to scream, cuss, pull out her hair, call the cops, lie, disappear for days, etc.

    Oh and my father died

    and both my grandparents have cancer

    Life is sweet
  8. ^ Well you just described my mom's life actually. This is now an awkward thread.
  9. They do make collars that release a small volt when a dog barks, it's called properly training your animals to be honest.. no one wants to hear dogs bark all fucking night especially when they're outside.. as for your mom, I've seen crazier but yeah that's pretty nutsy cuckoo.
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