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  1. Hello Everyone...

    My name is Khan and I'm THE ROCK'S fan since 1996.. WWE is like daily Food for me.. i watch RAW & Smackdown regularly everyweek on YOUTUBE.. Because here in India we don't have a Live Telecast...

    I Follow many superstars on twitter and i refer Proffesional wretling torch on mobile and Bleacher report on desktop... these things keep me updated everyday about WWE..

    Thanks & Regards,


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  2. Welcome Khan. Nice to have you.
  3. Damien Sandow...the Next BIG Thing in WWE... thank you...
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  4. Hello Khan, welcome to the forum.
  5. hey! welcome to the forum :emoji_grin: hope you enjoy it!
  6. Thank you Vince for inviting me here.
  7. Welcome to the forums, nice to have you here.
  8. Welcome to the DAMN forums. You seem like a dedicated person, hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. Hell yeah! :win:
  10. hello khan...welcome to the forum. Good to find a muslim friend :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Welcome to the forum mate, I hope you stick around :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Welcome rhaka khan!
  13. Welcome, hope to see you stick around
  14. Hey Khan! Welcome to the forums! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Exactly the same situation here @ the Philippines!
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