My new fav diva

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Emma for the fucking win.
  2. Looks like an average Saturday night
  3. LOL Sin cara girlfriend
  4. She's actually Mason Ryan's girlfriend.
  5. Was that on TV? :lol1:
  6. Latest NXT. Emma is the ultimate troll. Her ring style, character and music all screams troll.
  7. If that's her character, then it's a fantastic idea
  8. Her character thinks she is cool and can dance/wrestle but can't. She botches intentionally
  9. :happy: That's fantastic, I gotta watch some of this.
  10. Talented girl. Australian by birth, trained by Lance Storm, plowed by a Welshman.
  11. LOL That botch :lol1:
  12. I'll let you know a secret....It wasn't a botch. She's supposed to do things like that. It is hilarious.
  13. LOL Seriously? :dawg:
  14. It's her gimmick. Her ego makes her think she's awesome at everything and always a winner but it doesn't work like that in the "real" world.
  15. lol the idea of her gimmick sounds interesting.
  16. Her gimmick is so great. I hope most people get it. It's different and quite entertaining :dawg:
  17. Emma is awesome. I've talked to her sometimes on Twitter and she seems pretty nice. I talked to her BEFORE she was in the WWE though so it's a little harder to get a reply now. Talented wrestler, glad to finally see a fellow Australian in the WWE. Hope to see her be Diva's champion eventually.
  18. When I saw this, I hated it. It was terrible, another over-the-top comedy character destined for failure.
    Then I thought about it... This is basically the Tensai face turn. They can't push her seriously, since she's a diva the fans won't care about her. They'll treat her as a joke, so you may as well make her a funny one. And this is pretty genius.

    Off-topic note: Sara Del Rey's training really paid off for Aksana in that match.
  19. Aksana seems to have improved yes.

    And I've said it before but Emma's gimmick is great. Hilarious. Good to see them trying new things.
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  20. That's also true, Aksana has improved a lot in the ring. She was really cringeworthy back in the day.
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