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  1. Antonio is walking through the arena when he gets stopped by Tom, an interviewer, he runs up to him and starts pestering to talk to him, Antonio obliges to the interview and begins to answer the questions of Tom*
    So, how do you feel about Will Neilsons loss to Buster Gates in the tables match and what was the contract for?
    Well Tom, as far as Will is concerned he wants some kind of no holds barred or summin like that, I can't remember off the top of my head. But is he some kind of idiot, I mean have you seen what I do in No DQ matches, I obliterate my opponents. Plus the fact I have an insurance policy just in case he tries something funny

    *Antonio looks fed up and starts to pace bag and fourth, however he continues to answer the questions*
    You haven't had a match since arriving here in WWEF Precision, is there any reason behind this?
    I don't need to answer that it is none of your business, give me the mic and leave, okay!?!
    Okay, sorry sir, I'll leave
    *Tom hands Antonio the mic and he begins to speak as the camera pans closer to his face*
    Will you need to watch your back. I have a new friend, I have a new man in town and he's gonna be sticking around for a while. I have stuff I need to tell you. You have an unwanted target on your back, and me and my friend are gonna hunt that. Oh and my friend well here he is.

    *The camera pans out to a 7,2 man standing next to Antonio, Antonio hands the mic and the man begins to talk*
    Will Neilson, I'm Chris, Chris 'Doomsday' Parks. Tony mentioned you have an unwanted target on your back, we're gonna hunt you down. And No DQ matches really? You know what we can do and now I'm here, we're gonna super kick your face off
    *the camera pans to the arena and the crowd as Chris' and Antonios music hit*

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