My new RAW layout

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Does it look good? :obama:

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  2. Looks nice.
    Except that they don't announce many matches in advance.
    So maybe you should remove it?
    It could work for a PPV though.
  3. Beautifully done
  4. Gonna be honest here. It looks incredibly low level and rushed.
  5. o.o" This took literally almost an hour and a half -.-
  6. I prefer the old layout tbh
  7. I like it, love the font.
  8. An hour and a half is rushing it in graphic design terms. If you haven't spent at least a day on something for "professional use" then you are rushing it. Trust me I've done quite a bit in connection to my school and volunteer work. You will get better results if you spend more time on it, do research for a while and don't try to rush it.
  9. I'm not going to spend a whole day on a thread design layout.. lol
  10. Then you shouldn't do them to be honest. If you don't put your heart into it don't do it.

    Sorry if I sound rough but that's how the graphics business works. If you don't deliver A game every time you ain't getting noticed/paid
  11. I like it but I much prefer Hoss' condensed version as I doubt many people want to scroll to see the information. But it's very professionally done, good job.
  12. Thank you! You made my day! :yay:
  13. use it in this weeks thread :finger:
  14. Looks nice, doubt the match card bit will be used for non-PPVs but yeah I like that.
  15. 'Where at?' would be better as 'Location?'
    RAW starts 2am UK time, not 1am.
    Broadcast sounds better than broadcasted.
    Also looks like it was made from Word Art.

  16. No it doesn't, it starts at 1am.
  17. Shit, forgot about the 3 hours.
    It used to be NXT from 1am-2am.

  18. :win:
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