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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roach, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Going to let you have a go at suggesting some then I will put up a poll of ones I like and you can vote of which will be my new user title for this forum.

    This could turn out very bad with you lot :upset:

    Go on crazy people, suggest some.
  2. Vince's Lover

  3. Waiting for more replies... Vince you are in trouble for the kiss of my forehead before :pity:
  4. "Sexual Pest"
  5. LOL.

    Keep the ideas coming :obama:
  6. Estranged forum whore

    Over zealous wildlife specialist

    Inappropriately dressed Walmart shopper

    Overly interested Icecream man

    Sexually confused lab rat
  7. haha I like some of them ones.

    Going to let there be some more suggestions.
  8. :true:
  9. Inappropriately dressed Walmart shopper

  10. Haha forgot I said that.

    I will most likely go for 'Inappropriately dressed Walmart shopper'
  11. Xanth - the sumo wrestler. :ace:
  12. Bit grim but... :true:
  13. Burt Reynolds.
  15. Half-human, half-Xanth. :burns:
  16. Half human, half Xanth.
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  17. Half human, half Xanth.
  18. Vince and Stopspot, are you putting over my idea? :hogan:
  19. Hogan smiley in a putting over sentence? :haha:
  20. :obama: You got the pun, very bright guy.
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