My new YouTube channel for WWE RAW [HD Quality]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, thought I'd make another youtube account and upload weekly RAW episodes in there. It is Full HD (720p) and advertises this forums only. I'll try to keep it there as long as I can until if it gets copyrighted for WWE or something lol, hope not.

    I did upload the RAW from 02/13/12 in HD. So, if you did miss out in, you can watch it there. (Weird name lol but it's fine. Made the account in 2010.)

    Starting next week, I'll be uploading RAW every Tuesday morning. I could do it earlier but it won't be on HD so no thanks.

    Post your feedbacks here or on the channel and hope you subscribe.

    @[seabs] I added wweforumsdotnet as the featured channel, hope that's fine. Would also appreciate if you could put this link in your thread.
  2. Added it into this thread here : . I attempted to link it like the others but for some reason it wasn't working. I'll try again shortly. Thanks for the uploads however. If you speak to @[Crayo] or @[Xanth] they'll add you into the uploader group if you want in.
  3. Thanks. I gave you a playlist link so that's probably why.
  4. @[seabs] you have to upload a few things first I believe.
    Like 2/3 consecutive weeks, I'm sure.
  5. Yeah, I figured. It's all right, I can wait.

  6. Is it? I thought it was just uploading content to youtube then PMing Crayo to see if you were trusted enough.
  7. I think anything uploaded is the award.
    But I'm sure the group is constantly uploading things, could be wrong.
    But I mean, if it was just uploading something then tonnes of people could get in.

  8. I hate to say this and it pains me to do it, but i can't agree more..
  9. Seems ok, but yeah could be hit by copyright by WWE, as they have a youtube channel set up. Maffew, from botchamania has set up many channels as WWE keeps shutting him down. Hope you have a long run
  10. Paedo avatar?

    But no, that doesn't even make sense. My ADR Sig and 'Paedo' avatar are innocent bystanders in this discussion. The topic at hand is you being butt hurt about Seabs giving someone an uploader title
  11. Back on topic, I vote he gets the uploader title

    He's probably the best uploader on this site TBH
  12. If he wants in the uploader group, I'll do it just now. Just want confirmation that he does.
  13. For uploading one thing?
    Strange, but OK.
  14. I've got a keen eye for talent. He has loads of potential
  15. Or the fact that he said he'll upload HD RAW every Tuesday. That did it for me.
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  16. And advertise for this site while doing it

  17. That's a requirement for Uploaders :emoji_wink:

    I agree though, he should be in uploaders. I'm not going in ACP with this netbook I'll probably delete the site, so tagging @[Xanth] to get this done.

  18. Yeah, done.
  19. You need to give @[Xanth] 3 days notice @[Crayo]. :wink:
  20. Tell me about it.

    Nah I kid. Ly rly Xanth.
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