My offer to the forum =)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Acailler, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello! So I sent this to Crayo:
    Hello Dearest leader...

    Ok, as part of my job I have a magazine that hit's around 1500 people a month that I create...

    I am offering you a FREE A4 page advert for the next issue but it must contain the following sentence:

    Happy New Year to the Liverpool Jewish Community From...

    What dya think?

    Someone will need to provide me with this in JPG format by next Monday morning .

    Crayo has suggested I put this here to see if anyone can design it as he sucks with graphics :sad1:

  2. That would be pretty cool. If it happens please post a pic of this issue and advert online.
  3. This would be great hopefully it would bring us more members!
  4. Need some graphicers in here.

    @[CM Punk]
    @[Lady Deathbane]
  5. what kind of magazine is it?
  6. I think it may be for the 'Liverpool Jewish Community'
  7. Here's the last issue =)
  8. oh ok. thought he was joking about that part.
  9. He might of been but he should post a shot of the magazine for our amusement :yuno:
  10. Nah he's serious, it's his job I think.
  11. He is serious he's from round that area and a big part of the Jewish community.
  12. I'll have a go at this Acailler, I'll pm you in just a minute.
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  13. If I get time, I'll try.
  14. So, is this a full page advert as in we have the full page to ourselves?

    I'm on my phone right now so I can't click on the link you provided at the moment.

    Also, are there no inhibitions to the page design? Like, does it have to be only text or can I put pictures of wrestlers, etc?

    And do we have to make it Chirtmas/Jewish themed?
  15. Whatever you want, Full page. Just no half naked wrestlers or divas.
  16. Here's what I have so far.

    It's going to be hard to fill a whole page if you can't include images of Superstars/Divas.

    Note this isn't full size as A4 is like 3400x2800 pixels so you'd have to zoom right out to see it.


    What should I put on/improve guys?

    Gonna shrink the logo as it's pixely.
  17. Damn you're fast... And good! :obama:
  18. Thanks :shock:
  19. You didn't read this before you posted it did you? Get ready for the onslaught. :lol1:
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