Elimination Chamber MY Opinion on Elimination Chamber

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Nikki Nitro, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Mickie James Vs Becky:
    *Great to see James is back.*
    It was a good match.
    Mickie did well despite being gone for 7 yrs.
  2. Cruz vs Ziggler:
    *side note
    Hv they ever done a match between Cruz and Big E?*
    I thought for sure Zig was gonna win, Until Calisto came back.
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    Heath Slater-Rhyno vs Breezango:
    Fandango I noticed just acts kinda creepy with his "dance" moves that it makes me wonder something....
    YES! Breezango hv been eliminated.
    Two teams been Eliminated. Wow!
    I KNEW soon as I saw the USO's came out that they just had to win. And then they did. Yay! More ppl I never heard of "The Alpha's"
    The Alpha's we're good. I figured the Uso's would keep going even though they were Eliminated.
  4. I dnt like The Ascension. Their Background just says "EVIL" all over. Their pyramid is known as The Eye of Raw. The whole gimmick screams Illuminati. (Which is an evil Cult) I dnt like them anymore than I do Bray Wyatt. Which is little to none. So I dnt hv much to say.