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Ellis Sullivan

The Artiste
*Ty Creed walks out in his usual cocky manor, he walks up the steps and grabs a mic.*

Ty Creed: Saturday Night Exodus, the saviour of wrestling has a arrived!

*He holds his raises his arm in the air to the booing crowd.*

Ty Creed: Why are you booing? You all know that I will win this tournament and take what is mine... The World Heavyweight championship.

*He pauses and looks into the booing crowd*

Ty Creed: It doesn't matter who I face, wether it be the best guy in the business or the worst guy in the business because I will defeat them all. My whole life I've been waiting for this and now it's finally here, nobody can take it away from me. One person that certainly can't is The Amazing H, he is overrated, too hyped, I'll show you all what a real wrestler looks like when yours truly steps into the ring with The Amazing H. To be honest, all The Amazing H will be known for after our match is that he will be first person to rise to Ty Creed and The Amazing H will be the first to fall to Ty Creed. My path starts right here, right now.

*Ty Creed drops the mic onto the mat and exits the ring and heads backstage.*
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