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    no it's not upsidedown
  2. I used to have an upground (if thats the term, i forget) pool but now i have an inground one. it was nice when we first got it but my mom did all this decoration shit around it now it looks stupid as fuck.
  3. You have a zero gravity pool, this man must be rich!
  4. The best thing about being English is you don't even need a pool, the shitty rain does it for you...
  5. Just dig a hole?
  6. It doesn't rain nearly as much as people say. Rain is nice anyway.
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    Seems to be more often than not....
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    Exactly like a redneck swimming hole.
  9. what do you mean it looks completely upright to me
  10. I remember when I was 12 and my mom told me what to do.
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    Bro remembering 2 months ago isn't an achievement :pity1:
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  12. More often than the sun shines for sure, but mostly it's just dry, and a little windy.
  13. I remember when you were a faggish noob who knew his place :idontcare:
  14. I remember when people liked you.
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    That never happened lol
  16. No, just no.
  17. I don't
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