My Problem With Nia Jax

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Grievous II, Jul 2, 2017.

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    First off I just want to state that Nia Jax is a beautiful and well spoken woman who I have
    no personal problem with. Most of the points I am about to raise are more due to her booking
    since arriving on the main roster.

    Okay...I just had to get that out of the way first.

    So...I believe everything about (Main Roster) Nia Jax is wrong.


    Her ring attire is awful...
    Her music doesn't fit...
    Her promo work is basic...
    & most of all...
    Her in-ring skills are lacking and frankly boring to watch.

    I'm sick of watching the other women on the RAW roster being "rag-dolled" by a
    woman who frankly isn't cut out for the main roster...Yet.

    Now I only decided to write this piece because the rumor is the RAW creative team
    is looking at booking Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax for the RAW Women's Championship at SummerSlam. my reply to that is NO. That isn't going to work. A heel vs. heel match
    between two of the worst in-ring workers in the entire women's division is a recipe
    for disaster...especially when you have talented in-ring workers like Sasha Banks,
    Mickie James and (God Forbid) Emma on the roster.

    You see Nia Jax isn't like most girls...but her booking ever since making the main
    roster hasn't allowed the WWE to develop that idea...or develop her as a
    character/performer in anyway.

    Basically the RAW booking team has had to play a game of keep away with Nia
    and the women's title and in some cases they simply take her off TV completely
    for 3 week to a month at a time.

    It just isn't working...and I'll now list the reasons why:

    (Yes...I like lists)

    1). The Brand Split:
    Its very simple. While the men's division can handle the booking of a "Monster Heel"
    (Example BRAUN!!!) because they have the depth and numbers...the women's division
    cannot when it is split over two brands.

    If all the women were on the same brand Nia could be developed through a few lower
    card feuds and build momentum to a possible title shot over time.

    With only 7 to 8 active women on RAW...and only 4 of them being faces...there isn't
    enough bodies for the booking team to work with and that means Nia can't build any momentum.

    Look at the recent gauntlet match. Sure Nia pinned 4 other women and looked
    "strong" but she still lost and was made to tap out by a much smaller woman for
    the second time in a high profile, multi woman match.

    2). The Size Difference:
    Now Nia is physically impressive...and the women's division needs diversity...but the
    size difference between Nia and the rest of the entire division is, in my opinion, simply
    too great. Now Charlotte & Tamina can/could stand toe to toe with Nia...but no one else
    on the current roster can believably do so.

    I would mention Asuka...but Asuka simply kicks everyone in the head till they stop moving...simple as that.

    3). She's Boring To Watch:
    So I have grown sick of the standard "Nia Jax" match in which her opponent tries to
    fight only for Nia to unleash her 3 or 4 moves (Shoulder Block, Bear Hug, Samoan Drop,
    Leg I missing one?) and pin them easily.


    Its repetitive and frankly hurts the other women in the division.

    Every time I see Nia Jax and Sasha Banks fight...I feel literally sick in my
    stomach because as good as Sasha is (And she is fucking good...don't lie to yourself)
    not even she can get a good match out of Nia...and that's because Nia has nothing but
    her height and weight to work with.


    4). She's Too Green:
    Now the same could be said for Dana Brooke, Carmella & Alexa Bliss...but unlike
    those 3...Nia is so much larger and stronger (I'm guessing) than everyone else that
    I personally believe she is actually dangerous for the other women on the roster.

    If you don't believe this match.

    I swear I had to actually turn away and stop watching because I was afraid for
    Charlotte's safety. Not only that...but watching Charlotte put Nia over was just
    sickening for me to watch.

    Now I know this seems unfair for me to "bash" Nia like this...but she simply isn't
    working and she is frankly becoming a serious issue for me as fan of women's

    I honestly hope the WWE creative will press the reset button with Nia and drop
    her back down to NXT for 6 to 12 months and give her fresh start with some new
    ring attire and music.

    For an example of how I would book Nia...simply look at how the WWE booked
    Awesome Kong/Kharma when she first debuted in the company.

    If you want Nia to be a monster...then actually book her as one.

    It really isn't that hard.

    I also want to leave you all with this question:

    If Nia Jax had the same in-ring & promo skills as she does now...but was more a
    standard size and weight...would she even be signed to the WWE...let alone on
    the main roster?

    Yes...I know she is related to the Rock...but I'm not counting that as a factor.

    Just think about it.

    Leave your thoughts, opinions and answers down below and I'll see you all around
    the traps...And...
    The first person to make a joke about Nia being fat gets to be crowned the "Lord of Idiots"
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  2. Wow, Char is lucky she didnt get seriously hurt by that move. Ya, She might be sore later, But Good Grief!
    Has anybody even been able to defeat Nia Jax?
    I hv seen her Wrestling etticate, Same thing every time seems like. The man/Woman handling like a "Rag-Doll" doesnt go well with me. Yes, Its getting boreing watching her, I agree. Send her back to NXT, Maybe learn a dif way or Dif style of Wrestling. Something. Anything.
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  3. You said it...I nearly cried...
    Yes...she's been defeated clean plenty of she's
    tapped out twice now...once to Becky Lynch and once to
    Sasha Sasha pinned her easily at Fastlane 2016.

    That's the problem. Every time she starts to build momentum
    she gets defeated and then taken off TV for 3 weeks.
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  4. For 3 weeks? Why?
  5. I can't take OP seriously at all the second I see commentary on her "3 or 4 moves"

    Welcome to wrestling! Everyone has 3-5 main moves. That's kind of how this thing works.
    After years of reading random people critique wrestling as if they're experts; big wrestlers are always saddled by this "can't work" stigma. If they don't zip around the ring like a cruiser, they "can't work".

    Same old same old.
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  6. And seeing that the hive mind has decided she is green is hilarious.
    I'm sure you guys are the experts on that, much better than Hunter, Vince, Baldo, Regal, Hayes and so on.

    They think she's ready to be there, but sure I'll sit back and take your basic opinion on her over theirs.
  7. Nia and Enzo should start a romantic storyline. God that would be soooooo good.
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  8. It's a public wrestling forum. You're going to get quite a few wrestling opinions here :emoji_wink:
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  9. That's good. I love opinions. That's why we're here. But I'll also point out ones that I find to be total dogshit.
  10. Apparently somebody is late to the party when it comes to booking the 'monster' character.

    I challenge you to watch large wrestlers work and educate yourself on why they do the things they do in the ring. Also, consider how audiences react when sheer power is displayed and how little effort it takes on the part of the large wrestler.

    Consider Rey Mysterio's knees, Daniel Bryan's concussions and Mick Foley's body and ask yourself how a guy like The Miz stays injury free for eleven years straight.

    Nia Jax rag dolls people because it makes the face' comeback all the more special when it finally comes. The crowd eats it up each and every time.

    @Stopspot could explain this phenomenon better than I could.

    The Miz was spot on in everything he said in this video by the way.

    Your points I do agree with are how the talent is spread out across both shows but that will be fixed as more women show up to main roster.

    Nia Jax is green but she isn't injuring people like Seth Rollins has either.
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  11. You want me to educate myself on monster wrestlers? You can't mean me. Hilarious. I've been watching since Andre and Haystacks Calhoun. GTFO with that nonsense. I'm plenty educated on how "monster" wrestlers move and work.
  12. I think he meant more in the sub category of "female monsters". Your Aja Kongs, Bull Nakano, Dump Matsumoto and such.

    Which is a completely different thing to André or Haystacks
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  13. Definitely a different category. Aja Kong would probably knock Haystacks on his ass. LOL
  14. Well...its always great to see some discussion on here...
    although calling my opinion "dogshit" seems slightly immature.

    I wonder why I didn't receive any notifications for this thread?

    Well...the crowd and other viewers may eat it up...but I find it
    boring and painful to watch.

    Isn't that a generalization? I never said all big wrestlers can't work...
    and I don't expect every wrestler to "zip around the ring" to prove
    they can.

    In the men's and tag divisions there is a broader range of in-ring
    styles and body types...meaning someone like Strowman can
    wrestle "his" match every time...but because his opponent is
    different...the match can seem "fresh and interesting"

    So...Strowman vs. Zayn will be different to Strowman vs. #ignorereigns
    and so on and so on.

    Every time Nia wrestles just feels like the same
    match over and over again. I'm not placing the blame solely
    on her...but...I think the women's division is too small and not
    diverse enough to book Nia in a dominant and entertaining

    I don't speak for "the Hive" I speak for myself and only myself.

    I've also never stated that I'm an expert...I'm just some random
    guy who has some random opinions. I'm sorry if you find them
    offensive or as you so lovingly put...Dogshit...


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  15. I'm down with other opinions that differ from mine. But I'll be pretty frank and casual about expressing mine. No need to worry though, I post with a smile on my face. I don't get bent out of shape over wrestling. I just post here to to pass the time during weekday downtime. I have to step away for now but I'll reply to your thoughts on Nia later on.

    I enjoy the back and forth, I don't know if that always comes across in what I type.
  16. Nia bores me. They haven't used her appropriately. The immovable object gimmick can work, but only when written properly.

    You can't be both a vulnerable competitor and an immovable crusher that can't feel pain.

    I gotta say though, I like Nia considerably more than Tamina. Tamina really bores the crap out of me.

    Nia could work if booked more like someone like Big Show, only beatable when ganged up on and absolutely destroys everyone anytime she enters the ring. But you can't be booked like that and still have nightly matches.

    Her ring gear and music isn't quite right either. Her music is too babyface, and her ring gear makes her look overweight instead of incredibly strong.
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  17. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this and it was a nice read. I completely understand your view point but I really think Nia Jax has come a long way since her NXT days and it shows for me on RAW. Her gauntlet performance showed she has no issues in-ring for me, her promos are good enough but I do agree I'm confused with her character. The character seems to be nine out of ten times she beats every other woman on the roster one on one clean but she's a bodygaurd? Don't really get it.

    Overall, I think Nia Jax is great but the booking of her character just sucks.
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  18. I feel like she's the female version of Braun. Green, big and strong but they focused more on Braun so that kinda left Nia hanging. Especially because both of them started their pushes at the exact same time and they probably can't come up with 2 monster storylines every week without repeating themselves.
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  19. I also hate her music is "I'm not like most girls" but look at Instagram or Twitter where she is pretty much like all those most girls. Live up to the gimmick a bit. I am not saying be much as Taker but... You won't die if you don't post a pic with Alexa to social media.
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