Politics My Problem With Voting (US)

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by catlady, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Okay...

    So you have Mitt Romney. He is against abortion, against gay marriage, want to improve ratings for the youth, ect. ect. BUT - He is for the rich, he wants to do away with the middle class so there are only rich people and poor people and he wants to force his beliefs on people. He also wants to raise the cost of college by adding more taxes.

    Then there is Obama. He is for abortion, for gay marriage, doesn't really concern him about ratings, ect. ect. BUT - He wants to improve the middle class, give lower and middle class tax breaks and tax the rich more and he is for equality. He, on the other hand, wants to make college more affordable.

    I am a Christian. I am also considered lower middle class. See the problem? Its like asking me to vote between the lesser of two evils. I honestly can't stand how they pick two candidates each time who have twisted morals. How do they expect people to choose between the cost living and their moral values? Am I the only one who thinks that voting is made this way so they can perilously target certain groups?

    I mean for someone like me, its impossible for me to vote. I am not going to split me beliefs, my moral values or my right to live without struggling to just get by. I guess this is more or less a rant but I am honestly tired of it and I've only been able to vote once and chose not to.
  2. I would go with Obama, but I could see why you"re frustrated.
  3. That's the thing, I would vote for Obama but he goes against my moral beliefs. Mitt on the other hand is for my moral beliefs but wants to make me POOR!

    I think Obama is going to win though, because there are far more middle and lower class people in America than upper class.
  4. Yeah, Obama is getting another 4 years.:obama:
  6. IMO it's not even a close vote if you're apart of the heart of America. Barack is not the lesser of two evils imo. He has saved the auto industry and under his watch we took down osama. Is Mitt actually not for abortion? He has been on record flip flopping that. At least Barack sticks to his ideals and isn't a total liar. Mitt is pure garbage
  7. Obama > Romney

    But America is being asked to vote for shit and then shit with extra sprinkles of shit on top. You noobs need to elect Ron Paul.
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  8. Romney is also a Mormon so i'm not sure how that ties into your morals. You should always separate Religion From state regardless.
  9. Obama is not shit at all. I'm not sure what you guys hear over seas or what the misinformed american public hears either but Obama has done a lot given the terrible situation dumb fuck Bush left him with. We were in the worst recession since the great depression and almost crumbled. We've come too far to let Mitt fuck it all up. Thank you Barack for affording me the opportunities to get into college and provide for my family. Fuck mitt

  10. To be honest I have no idea if you will watch this video but if you are into the Moral belief aspect you may rethink that decision.
  11. Implying I have my political views because of media, lol. He has done good things, the top of that being "ending the war in Iraq" and finding and killing Osama Bin Laden, but the statistics don't lie also. Your economy is near implosion. The economy isn't just a little thing that affects America, it affects everything. Mitt is a LOT worse than Obama don't get me wrong, but Obama isn't some saviour, given the 4 years he's had he's done hardly anything useful.
  12. Really?!?! Because what Mitt is going to do is transfer wealth through taxes. They want to cater it to the nation's top 1 percent of wealthy families, leaving the middle class poor. For a political candidate to adopt a policy opposed to almost the entire consensus of the entire U.S. and international community is mind-boggling. I thought this kind of blind ignorance ended with the attacks on Galileo, but it remains alive and well within the Republican Party and apparently across the world. Barack had little to work with and should be applauded and given 4 more years because not even Clinton could haverecovered us out of that shit after just 4 years.
  13. That isn't directed at you crayo either just hate how Mitt is even a consideration and the lesser of two evils thing is thrown out there. It's really not a lesser of two evils IMIO
  14. Barack passed a policy which allowed me to go to college without a scholarship for free. This caused the nation even more debt but I graduate in 15 weeks and start paying back. Think about all the people that have been afforded this opportunity and can get jobs and pay back our school fees. This is straight profit in 4 years and I don't want some asshole taking credit for it.
  15. I just want people to understand that Barack has done things that are going unnoticed and doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Have a nice day everyone
  16. You don't need to explain to me why you hate Mitt, I despise him, I do love his voice though. Obama isn't some god given president though, lol. As I said, he's done some good, and he's destroying Mitt in these debates now, but he has definitely neglected the economy. It's improved but not by much, and it's not hard to really improve on what Bush gave you. And I do think you need to stick with Obama to continue, the only other candidate I'd have over Obama was Ron Paul, but otherwise Obama is doing okay.
  17. Well you're welcome to America anytime :-)
  18. I prefer Canada :obama:
  19. What is your problem with Obama? I'm confused.
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