My puppy ate multiple anti-psychotic tablets.

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  1. So yeah last night at midnight I was just chilling on the PC waiting for RAW to come on, and my dog comes strolling in with one of those celebration-chocolates in his mouth, it was wrapped and stuff and I obviously took it off him. He then proceeded to sleep on the floor, but his eyes were really bloodshot, red all over. Then he went on to start whining/crying, so I went to ask Mum what was wrong with him.

    We decided to take him to vets after witnessing him fail to walk properly (wobbling, legs too weak to hold his weight) at half past midnight, which cost me £114. The vet said "He probably ate the wrapped chocolates when he was in the other room and it hasn't quite gone down properly". I paid £114 for him to tell me "Something he ate hasn't quite gone down", when clearly that wasn't the issue.

    After not being impressed by the vet, I went on a scavenger hunt trying to find what the hell he has eating when I wasn't looking, and I found a chewed up packet of Risperidone (my sisters medication for her psychosis). The packet was all chewed and there were two chewed up half-eaten tablets left, we still don't know how many he has taken in total. Those tablets give off pretty strong side-effects to adult humans, so no wonder my little puppy felt like this.

    During the night he was breathing super quickly, whining and feeling sorry for himself, but I'm pleased to say after a long long night sleep he has perked up and can walk fine, is willing to play and eat anything and his eyes look much better. He's still sleeping a LOT which is completely understandable.

    TLDR: Search the house before going to the fucking vets.
  2. I'm glad your dog is doing better!! I know from having a cat that pets can be really curious to a fault.
  3. I am glad your dog is feeling better
  4. That's scary stuff, thankfully he's alright.
  5. Good to hear he is alright, I by accident fed my dog tons painkillers lol.
  6. Stupid ass vet.
  7. Just wondering, have you since went back and told the vet what it was? Because he may appear to be fine but he could still have issues. Human tablets can kill dogs, even if it appears there's no effect.

    Good to hear he seemed alright today though,
  8. Appreciate the messages everyone, he has picked up so much today. Running and playing like normal - nice to see.

    As soon as I saw what he had taken I rang the same out-of-ours emergency team and spoke to the same guy we met 30 minutes earlier, he said to let him sleep it off and let it flush out of his system, and if it gets worse bring him back.

    I made sure he had lots of fluids though, he was refusing to drink from his bowl and his nose was really dry so I had to make little puddles of water in my hands for him to lick.
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  9. Awww, good to hear!

    Take this is a lesson! :dawg:
  10. Not really sure what I have learned, apart from investigate before taking him to the vets. Without monitoring him 24/7, he is going to pick up stuff his body won't like and there is nothing we can do about that. Especially as he is a puppy going through the teething process, so he is picking up anything and everything. We still don't even know where he got those tablets as my sister has since changed medication, we have no idea where they are.

    Oh well, at least he had a good day of not being psychotic for a change.
  11. Holy shit, that kinda' thing would make me cry. I'm glad your pup is okay and hope he will continue on to be healthy.
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