My RAW review of WWE RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Since I've seen quite a few reviews on here, I thought I'd throw in my own. It's relatively long. I'm only reviewing RAW. My final opinion is not based on ads or movie promotions. ALso before anyone says that this is a day late because RAW happened yesterday, I live in australia, we don't get RAW til Wednesdays. Anyway, Enjoy.

    HHH Returns: This was an awesome segment. BLOOD! from brock, and a little bit of pee from HHH makes brock look so tough. When I heard there'd be a fight between Heyman and Vince I thought it would be more of a comedy segment. I mean, it's not everyday an old handicap man goes around and hits a walrus with his crotch. Just picture it for a second.... keep going.... okay, stop now. Anyway, this gets a 9/10

    Ryback Vs Dolph Ziggler: I only saw parts of this so I can't comment on all of it. From what I saw, as usual, Dolph sold awesome like always. I get WWE don't want to have Ryback lose but in the long run, Ziggler will be bigger than Ryback who is getting very boring. Anyway, Ryback picks up the win in an average match. 6/10

    CM Punk comes out for a short talking bit where he said he'd beat Cena because he's god.

    Mark Henry Vs The Great Khali: Really? Really?!? Really? Khali sucks. I'm glad this was quick match at least. Henry needs a feud soon with anyone EXCEPT Khali. Henry with the win. 5/10

    MizTV: As soon as I heard there was going to be a MizTV I was pretty disappointed, and this is coming from one of the biggest fans of The Miz. He's easily my favorite in the WWE at the moment but honestly, MizTV sucks. I did like how he didn't even try to act funny in this though and got right down to business. Del Rio has prgressed quite a bit since his face turn and is actually interesting me again. Jack Swagger has been awesome since his return although in my opinion he should be stripped of his WM match because of his stupidity with this DUI. Anyway, another time. This was a better MizTV segment than most so I'll give it a 7.5/10

    Antonio Cesaro Vs Randy Orton: These 2 have had some awesome matches before but this was just way too short for that. I hate that Cesaro jobbed to Randy Orton. I'd have much rathered Cesaro attack Miz to continue their feud but oh well. Randy with the win. 6/10

    Unfortunately my stream went down here for a little while so I missed the Sheamus and Barrett thing but apparently it wasn't that good anyway. Barrett is awesome and Sheamus is just extremely boring. I'll give myself a 8/10 for missing this.

    R-Truth Vs Cody Rhodes: Why is a talent like Cody Rhodes jobbing to a goof like Troof? Okay, that was horrible but it made me laugh so shut up. Anyway, that match was too short to judge anything but what made it worse was the aftermath when Sandow couldn't even attack a 40 or so year old AFTER a match from behind. What even!?! 3/10

    Kane and Daniel Bryan Vs PTP: I enjoy both these teams but not when one is burying the other. Anyway this match was okay for what it was. Daniel got in his couple of comedy spots. Daniel Bryan = future of WWE along with Ziggler, Cesaro, Barrett, Orton, maybe Miz, Rhodes and Sandow from time to time as well. Oh and I can't forget FAN DAN GOOOOO GOOOO GOOOO. Anyway, 6/10 for this.

    The Shield get jumped: THe shield come out to cut a promo which ends up being rudely interupted by Sheamus and Orton. Sheamus distracts them while Orton sneaks up and attacks them from behind. Clever, I guess. Anyway hopefully this either sets them all up in a tag match or a 1 on 1 with Sheamus and Orton at Mania or even a Seth Rollins face turn with him leaving them because they left him to take the RKO. 7.5/10

    The Miz Vs Jack Swagger: I thought this was a really good match. I was surprised Swagger got the jobber entrance considering he was the one who won but oh well. Swagger dominated most of the match but Miz got his flurries of offense in from time to time. Miz got 2 really loud chants of Let's go Miz. Say what you will, he is starting to get over with the people. I liked the ending because it didn't make Miz look completely weak. Good match + good ending = 8/10.

    John Cena Vs CM Punk: Words cannot describe how good this match was. Quite possibly one of the best Main Events on RAW in a long time. Cena even did a half ass huracanrana. Sure, he fucked it up, but at least he tried. He should have shut up at least a few of the Cena haters out there with this match as it was one of his best in a while. CM Punk looked awesome as well. This match quite easily broke my scale ratings but I got some more. 10/10 easy.

    So after all that, the ups and downs, it was a somewhat good RAW. most of the segments were either hit or miss. I'd give RAW a B minus. I wish I could get that sort of grade in school. :/ Oh well. Hope you enjoyed reading people.
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