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  1. Hey everyone, check my video out where I talk about SummerSlam!

    WWE SummerSlam 2012 Thoughts

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  2. I'm watching the video, I agree that Ziggler/Jericho was one of the show stealing matches of the night, you know a lot about WWE, and you could be a valuable member of these forums, and If you love talking about WWE, you'll be right at home. Introduce yourself, hope you're more active.
  3. I laughed at the Santino pulling his Cobra out of his ass :haha: I liked how you payed attention to Kane's style, that was cool. And Rey Rey did look awesome with the Batman attire :win: The Sheamus thing was kind of odd. And yeah I was also disappointed with the Divas thing, they could have used that time with Kevin for a Diva's match instead. And I didn't know about cena thing, I thought he main evented with his match with Lesnar and Big Show with the People Power thing. I was also slightly surprised that Brock made Triple H tapped, thought it might have ended with an F5 but the tap out was better to me. It's a pretty good video, good intro part of the video and the outro was good :boss1: but don't drool again :haha: You should stick around, you seem like a cool dude and everything.
  4. My reaction to SummerSlam:

  5. Hey dude, glad u made it to the forums. I agree completely on Ziggler stealing the show,

    Glad I got u to this forum, we need die-hard fans like yourself
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