My Review of RAW - August 6th, 2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Asskicker, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Alright just got back home awhile ago, completely relaxed so going to review RAW segment by segment.

    Like the new opening but hate the theme, and skipping this lame recap. Lovin the new stage set as well. If it is new, or else, screw me.

    1. Opening = Fucking AJ, I was excited for her as GM at RAW 1000 but now it's so freaking annoying! Why does she has to open the show? And you call RKO VS Big Show a blockbuster match? Daniel Bryan faces John Cena is horrible too but I'll live through it. Punk interrupts, more promo from him. We figure out he just wants no triple threat. Super cena comes, blah blah blah, more blabber, Big Show comes, but AJ tells them to shut up. RAWActive match for Punk, lame ass choices IMO. Very lame segment full of unnecessary talk. Lawler needs to stop always acting like a babyface when he announces.

    Grade. C

    Lame recap BS and then commercials

    2. Punk VS Rey = Rey eh? Seems like a good match, Punk and Rey always put on decent matches. Rey comes out in his white attire, now sporting his shirt while wrasslin' as well. Guys were right about Rey looking fat. Lawler was unbearable on commentary so just muted as I watched the match. Punk sold better than usual today, and Rey bit on Punk's hand in one point during the match? Overall, good match with good spots by both. Seemed like Punk got hit hard by that 619 when he started grabbing his mouth.

    Grade. B-

    3. Wade Barrett Vignette = I loved this vignette, showed Wade's background about bare fist fighting and the words, they just fell in deep with this promo. Make's me really amped up for Wade's return.

    Grade. A

    What was that song playing while they were talking about HBK coming back before ADR's match?

    4. ADR VS Christian = Really liking ADR's attire, and tonight ADR is pretty bearable, lame SD recaps expected during SD matches. This crowd really sucks here in San Antonio. Overall, pretty good match as it had it's spots as well. Started to get technical near the end with the reversals but ADR ends up winning and I feel content. Nothing really special though when Sheamus stole ADR's car. Lawler still ends up burying segments.

    Grade. C

    4. Randy Orton VS Big Show = I am a Randy Orton mark but not really looking forward to this match. When they work with each other, it's really boring. But will skim through this match anyway. Okay, poor match really, was good wrestling by Orton but very slow wrestling by Show which ruined it for me.

    Grade. C-/D+

    5.Reks/Hawkins VS Ryback = Reks and Hawkins looks sick in their attires but Ryback is still killin' it! Liked his pre-match promo, was good for his character. Was a good match for these midcarders, had an awesome spot with Ryback tossing Curt at Reks outside the ring. I really enjoy watching Ryback's wrestling, so pure and dominating for a brawler but appreciated the fact that Reks/Hawkins got Ryback weak for a good duration.

    Grade. B

    6. Prime Time Players VS Epico/Primo = AW is so entertaining, I know this will be a good segment. He is doing such a good job with managing these new guys, they will get over well. Darren Young is an awesome wrestler, Titus isn't that bad either. AW with his awesome comments make me so invested in this match. LOL, Kofi and R-Truth got the biggest pop next to Cena. Great match though, nice way for Primo and Epico to win. Want to see them more often, such talented wrestlers. But Lawler needs to stfu :finger:

    Grade. C

    Lame recaps, WWE needs to get off RAW 1000's dick already. It's done and it's the past. But great pre-match promo by Sandow.

    7. Damien Sandow VS Brodus Clay = I expect this to be short and sweet. Really tired of Brodus Clay now, it's really annoying after those weeks of squashing from his debut. Sandow assaulting Clay before match = WIN! This seems like a promising mid-card feud for Sandow and Clay, Sandow owning like a boss. Great way for Sandow to gain more heat. Wtf is with recapping the same damn thing that happened just 3 mins or less ago?

    Grade. B-

    AJ and Daniel Bryan, like seeing Bryan now. D-Bryan VS Kane at Summerslam? WTF AJ! classic YES/NO duel, and then Bryan goes away. San Antonio is beautiful though. Skipping the Divas match, not worth my time at all. Skippin recaps, now HBK/Bork Laser time!

    8. HBK/HHH/BLaser Segment = First up HBK, sweet! I missed HBK's awesome theme and pyro. Skipping the beginning of the promo to BORK LASER COMING :emoji_grin:! Bork looks great, and Heyman alongside him looks sick. Heyman talking now, interrupting HBK and talking about how this is going to be a fight, not a match. LOL Bork looks like a speechless kid bully. BS HBK, He isn't in any "mode" right now. HBK at Summerslam? Siiiick! Bork takes the mic from Heyman! HHH theme hitting then was perfect. Dafuq is this , a staring contest? Love how Bork left the suspicion about seeing HBK before Summerslam? Interesting. Okay segment, enjoyed the promos.

    Grade. B+

    Sheamus at the Alamo via Tout. Fuck me :gusta: But still cool that he was at the Alamo from the same place I stood by.

    8. Alex Riley VS Dolph Ziggler = Love having Jericho at commentary, such a delight to have for this match tonight. Jericho does look sick in that show-off shirt though. Dolph's hair looks weird tonight. Jericho knows so well how to put people over. A-RY looking good in this match as well. Ziggler mocking Jericho with the victory pin was gold but Jericho distracting Ziggles was great. A-RY gets a good win tonight, keeping him relevant in this decent, average match. Can't wait for Ziggler/Jericho at Summerslam.

    Grade. B+

    More stupid ass touts.

    9. The Miz VS Kane = Might as well watch this match, want to see how this will go about. Miz and his awesome haircut :boss:. Okay match, wasn't anything really cool but had decent action and spots. Kane winning doesn't surprise me but good use of time instead of stupid filler shit. Lawler saying look away is so fucking annoying.

    The crowd chanting No with Bryan = Too fucking over :dawg: Sheamus fucked that car up lol that was funny.

    10. Main Event - Daniel Bryan VS John Cena = Will watch this match cuz it had Bryan but will skim it through. RR talking in spanish is so freaking annoying. Now Cena comes, yada yada. Recap shit, now the match starts. What's with the refs in the crowd? Alright match, was intrigued throughout but ultimately Cena ends up winning anyway. Punk time! Punk holding title, and then Cena buries him to save him from Show. And once again, Punk beats down Cena and Show, pissed off. Loved Punk's small shoot on Lawler, was so good and shut that fatass up good. Fucking burial by Show. Another burial. The show ending with Big Show tall is fucking lame.

    Grade. C+

    Overall Grade. C+, 6/10.

    Liked the matches and some segments but really was a drag to sit through these 3 hours. I wish we had 2 hours now once again.
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