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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Samalan, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. A few others did a review on some shows so I thought I would do a review as well. Warning, this is a spoiler of the show as well. I included the results so it is best you don't read this unless you have watched the show or are prepared to know the results.

    Show Spoiler
    Before I watched Smackdown, after hearing about who the GM was going to be thanks to that stupid bot who posted a spoiler without the spoiler tags, I was very excited. I thought Booker T would make a great GM and after watching the show, he was pretty awesome.

    Firstly, Alberto Del Rio interrupted and I was like, gtfo you wannabe champion. I know Alberto is heel but I highly dislike him and how he interrupted Booker T. Alberto said he had success and greatness in his blood, well why isn't he the champion then? Just that statement proves that he chats a load of bull and it may be scripted and he may have been told to say that but still, why dafuq would they make him say that? I was also glad to see Sheamus come out because he would deal with Alberto. I wanted to see a fight. Although, that wasn't the case. I must say, just from that opening segment, Booker T was already an epic GM. I couldn't really hear the commentary whether that was because I had my volume turned down, who knows, but I did come across Cole state that he was better then Teddy Long which I agree with from just that part. I am fed up of hearing the word "playa" all the time. I did like it when Booker T assigned the match Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio and also the other match with Sheamus vs Tensai. Just from hearing about the matches, I knew they would be good. I also forgot to mention that it was funny when Booker T shouted at Alberto "I am the boss, I am the boss, I am the boss" and when he called Alberto a "sucka" - classic awesomeness.

    First up came the match with Sheamus vs Tensai and I thought that Tensai would beat Sheamus for the first time. I didn't really understand that small box in the corner with a video of Tensai saying some random shiz which I couldn't understand. Something about a brogue kick? I am not going to go in to much detail of the match as it is up to you to watch it but Sheamus must be strong to pick up Tensai. They both got battered really and it wasn't a surprise that Sheamus had won however I did think that Tensai would have won. It was a great match, I must say, although I am sure it would have been better if Tensai got attacked more because it isn't interesting with just Sheamus getting attacked for most of the match. Although, the brogue kick had done the job and won Sheamus the match. Was still a good match though.

    Next match was just ridiculous in my opinion, just two kids hitting each other and calling each other names is how I describe it. Santino does have some skill but not a lot. Is it worth me going over this match? Now, those who enjoy Santino's matches will enjoy this match but it wasn't my cup of tea and I didn't really enjoy it. Lets move on, shall we?

    Now was the 6 man tag team match which I was looking forward to the most to be honest. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan vs Kane, Chris Jericho and Christian. Me being a Daniel Bryan fan, you could probably guess who I wanted to win. Before we even go over the match, I do like Daniel Bryan's new shirt which has "NO, NO, NO" on it instead of "YES, YES, YES" which makes his heel character even better. Him chanting "NO" instead of "YES" was pretty awesome, I must say. The haters chanted "YES" to pee him off lmao. On to the match, Christian started off against Daniel Bryan and that was quite epic with Daniel Bryan beating Christian but to be honest, I do like Christian. One point in their part of the match, it did seem to look kind of gay with them hugging each other and I was thinking "aww" and then Daniel Bryan decided to run from side to side on the ropes, looked as if he wanted to try out for the olympics but it could've been a brand new dance move he came up with. Then Christian must have thought "he is terrible" so he decided to knock him to the ground. Nice work Christian! In all seriousness, it wasn't the best and it didn't really show off many of Daniel Bryan's skills. Christian was showing off more of his skills however. Then Kane got tagged in a jumped on to Daniel Bryan. I do feel sorry for him though, he did get beaten up a lot. When Kane pinned him, I thought "right, he has lost" until he kicked out. It went on from their really, he managed to tag in The Miz who went one on one with Jericho who also attacked Ziggler. I would've liked to have seen Ziggler actually do some moves because apart from the couple of times he hit Jericho as he went past, he didn't acutally participate in the main match which is something I would've liked to have seen. This match is a really long match to write up to be honest so I am just going to go with everyone attacks each other at the end and then it is left to Daniel Bryan and Jericho and then Daniel Bryan pins and wins. It was a really good match and it lasted a long time which was good. I did really enjoy it anyway. Before I forget, I laughed so hard when Daniel Bryan won and chanted "NO" and then went up to that man in the audience who was chanting "YES" and they had like a chanting fight.

    The next tag team match didn't interest me and to be honest with you, I don't enjoy them tag team matches so I am going leave it there. It is practically the same match every week so to be honest, what is the point of it being on every week? I won't do a review because I skipped it.

    The backstage segment with Booker T and Cody Rhodes was pretty funny, Booker T just pwned Cody. Should I go on with this because I barely have any time to continue with this review so basically, they have fell out with each other and it was pretty funny so you should watch it. Also, Booker T stated "I love this job" and I would if I was the GM. Again, this proves that Booker T is epic.

    Now to the main event, Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton. I thought Alberto Del Rio would win at first and I didn't think that Randy Orton would bring a good match. I am not going to write up the match like I did with a few other parts of the review but I will be leaving my main opinions here. I like how Randy Orton made the match more entertaining my beating up Del Rio and you don't know how much I dislike Del Rio. I have to change my views of Randy Orton after this match though, with his epic RKO at the end. Ricardo was really annoying and glad Alberto got DQ when Ricardo attempted to attack Randy and when I say attempted, he did throw a punch and got pwned. At the end as well, Alberto just walked away after being injured and Sheamus just ran down and pushed him in to the ring at which point, Randy did his RKO on Alberto. I did really enjoy this match and I won't go on and on with it.

    Overall rating of Smackdown: 8/10

    I hope you enjoyed the review and I didn't have much time because I need to go to the doctors soon.
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  2. will read after I've watched it :burns:
  3. Finally someone does a review without jacking D'Z's style of I'll throw a load of images and smiley images in there to be "hilarious". Props to being original, I haven't watched yet so I'll comment later on the show, but still props for the originality.
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  7. I care :sad: I'd write a review but I'm too lazy.
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    I find them quite fun to be honest, especially as my new computer has arrived and they don't take me 5 hours to write :win:
  9. Good review, but cant believe you didnt like ADR's heel move and Assumed Sheamus would lose. ADR is boss, and Sheamus NEVER loses, especially clean.
  10. I know but I thought Sheamus would lose for the first time. Alberto just annoys me.
  11. good review :burns: why you going to doctors?
  12. Great Review Sam!
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