My Storyline Idea from Survivor Series to 'Mania

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Got bored this afternoon so randomly typed this up lol. I know there is no chance of this happening, but what the hell.

    Build to Survivor Series (It's the largest amount of writing out of the lot)

    Show Spoiler

    Raw is in "turmoil" under John Laurinaitis. Brock Lesnar has the WWE title destroying everything and everyone in his path. Laurinaitis is the scapegoat for hiring Lesnar and giving him such a lucrative contract.

    First week after the PPV before Survivor Series (HIAC?) Vince McMahon returns to Raw for his final character run. John Laurinaitis is in the ring with the US champion David Otunga and the Hoeski. Vince McMahon comes out and says that WWE is still his comapny, and that he official fires Johnny, Otunga and the Hoeski. Otunga then points out that it is unlawful dismissal because Vince McMahon is no longer authorised to fire anybody in the WWE anymore. Vince McMahon walks off with the crowd booing Laurinaitis who has a smile on his face.

    Second week Laurinaitis comes out at the start of the night and says that he's going to be GM for the next decade. That he will never be knocked off, until he retires. Then TRiple H returns for the first time since his lost to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. He informs him that although Vince may not have the authority to fire him, the board of the directors do. However they've not chosen to fire him, they've decided that at Survivor Series, he has to get a team of 5 together to face a team of 5 that him and his father in law will get together, and that whoever wins will get control the company. Oh, and two of the members in each team will be Vince, and Johnny.

    At the end of the night Johnny comes out and pleads with the WWE supertstars to come out and join his team. CM Punk then returns from a 2 month injury that he suffered from lesnar at the PPV after Summerslam where Brock won the title. He comes out and laughs at him, hopefully delivering a better promo than he usually does with Johnny. He says that he will be joining neither team, and that, he can stick his offer up his arse. Johnny then tells him to come back because as general manager of Raw, he has the power to force him to join his team instead of Vince's. CM Punk points out that he has no interest of joining Vince's team either, because just like Laurinaitis he's completely out of touch. And that he's not medically cleared to compete. Laurinaitis said that that does not matter and that because he is GM, he can make Punk compete.

    Third week Triple H announces that he will join Vince in team McMahon, he also announces that his next two members are Ryback and Sheamus. And that next week he will announce the other two members. (So far Ryback/Sheamus/Vince/HHH vs Johnny/Punk) Johnny then comes out and announces that he will get better quality, because he will have two qualification matches Wade Barrett vs A Face Miz and Dolph Ziggler vs Christian. Both Dolph and Barrett win cleanly.

    Fourth week it is advertised that Johnny has a massive announcement for the fifth member of his team. Triple H announces on the same night that John Cena is his fifth member (anti-climax alert). Then Johnny shocks the world by introducing as his fifth member, the man who hadn't made a TV appearance since the previous PPV WWE champ Bork Laser will be his fifth member.

    SURVIVOR SERIES - Team McMahon - Vince McMahon, Triple H, Sheamus, Ryback and John Cena vs Team Laurinatis - John Laurinaitis, CM Punk, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Brock Lesnar

    Sheamus is the first eliminated after he gets distracted by Barrett, leading onto a Zig Zag from Ziggler for the pin. John Cena then runs in and goes all super Cena on Ziggler's ass, Cena is away to hit the FU reversed into an almost Zig Zag from Dolph, only for Cena to knock him off, TRiple H then subtely tags himself in on Cena's back withoutDolph noticing, and hits him with the pedigree followed by the pin. Barrett then goes into the ring, HHH immediately tagging himself out Cena back in. The match rages on, Cena getting dominated, until Lesnar tags himself in and starts to destroy him. Lesnar is away to hit the F5 until the newly turned tweener Daniel Bryan runs down the ramp with a chair and begins to assault Lesnar, Lesnar then launches the chair away and the two start brawling around the arena, eventually being seperated by security. All the referee can do is count-out Lesnar.

    CM Punk then comes in and fights with Ryback, decent length battle, until eventually Punk tags in Johnny, and throws him over the ropes and over to Ryback. Ryback destroys him then Vince tags himself in a finishes him off, getting the pin. (Sorry for the anti-climatic end, Johnny :emoji_slight_frown: ) Leaving it as Punk/Barrett vs Cena/Ryback/HHH/Vince Cena and Barrett square off in the ring, until David Otunga runs in and strikes Cena in the head with his flask. He then starts stomping him and going crazy until he's held back by referees. Barrett picks him up, hits the Wasteland and pins him. Barrett imediately tags in Punk as Ryback enters. Punk and Ryback square off again until Ryback begins to dominate, the entire team begin to take turns unleashing punishment. Until finally Punk recovers and crawls over to Barrett for the hot tag. Instead Barrett pulls his arm away, much to the dismay of PUnk. Barrett then runs in and begins stomping on Punk beating the hell out of him. He throws him over to HHH who's now the legal man, HHH hits the pedigree before passing him over to Vince who hits the GTS. They all look over to Ryback, he tags in, smiles and hits his finisher on Punk. He then lets Triple H come in and hit another pedigree for the pin. HHH and Vince are now in control of WWE. Crowd confused, some booing though as all four stand in the ring raising each other's arms over a knocked out Punk.

    Build to TLC, Royal Rumble + Elimination Chamber (Not really that important)

    Show Spoiler

    Week 1: Triple H and Vince cut a heel promo, not attacking the crowd but showing heel traits, getting booed. Ryback and Barrett come out and congratulate them, then sheamus questions what happened at Survivor Series, without an answer Ryback hits him with a clothesline and they all beat down on him.

    Week 2: Cut a heel promo again, get interrupted by a face Miz this time, only he stays up on the stage, Miz says that Vince and Trips sold out for power, they put him in a handicap match vs Wade and Ryback. They win but Miz manages to fight for a while.

    Week 3: Barrett and Ryback get put in a tag champs match against whoever the champions are at TLC.

    Barrett + Ryback win in less than ten minutes.

    Week 1: Wade Barrett cuts a promo on how he and Ryback will revamp the tag division and will not lose the titles for years. How they will make the division worth watching again. Cena then comes out and cuts some pishy promo, Vince then comes out and says that Cena will compete vs Ryback + Wade in a handicap match. R+W win.

    Week 2: Nothing much significant happens this week, promo battle Cena vs the alliance.

    Week 3: Cena vs Ryback announced for the rumble

    ROYAL RUMBLE: Ryback beats Cena after distraction from Wade, he then gets assaulted by all 4 of them after the match, Sheamus and Miz run down and try to help but because they're outnumbered they get beat down as well. Both get sledgehammers to ther face.
    Oh, and D-Bry wins the Rumble.

    The next 3 weeks are much and such the same. Putting the faces in ridiculous hard matches etc. Elimination Chamber for face Daniel Bryan to put his Royal Rumble winners thingy on the line vs Cena, Ziggler, Henry, Ryback, Barrett and HHH

    ELIMINATION CHAMBER - D-Bry wins the chamber.

    Build to 'Mania

    Show Spoiler

    First week back, Vince + HHH are cutting another promo, getting ridiculous heat, until CM Punk comes out and starts to attack both of them, HHH manages to run away but Vince doesn't, and he gets a GTS for his troubles. Punk poses on the tunrbuckle smiling at Hunter.

    Second week back: Punk interrupts Wade and Ryback with Wade cutting a promo, Punk says they've sold out. He then demands that he get an oppurtunity to face Trips at 'Mania. Vince comes out and informs him that he will have to win a no DQ match vs Wade Barrett in the main event. Ryback will be at ringside as he and Vince are at a conference.

    After a long match, Punk begins to gain control, until Ryback comes in and starts to destroy Punk. The two on one assault lasts for a while before out of nowhere Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio begin to assault Barrett and Ryback, Mysterio hits the 619 on Ryback as he falls out to ringside. Punk then hits the injured Barrett with the GTS before covering him and winning.

    Third week back and Punk comes out for a promo, launching scathing attacks on Barrett and Ryback, then he says he's earned a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. Triple H pops up on the tron and tells Punk that he can have the match a Wrestlemania. If he can win a match tonight against Ryback. Punk agrees, Hunter then informs him that it will be a cage match.

    Ryback dominates the cage for the early going after Barrett climbs in and interferes, with Punk has little flurrys back to keep the fans interested. Vince then tells Barrett and Ryback to get out the cage, Barrett climbs out and Ryback is away to follow, until the entire face roster (Including a couple of heels, excluding D-Bry though) come out and start wrestling with Barrett, Vince and HHH eventually taking them out to the back. The ones who are left surround the cage leaving Ryback uncertain of what to do, he starts trying to climb the cage wall adjacent to Punk who's recovering at the ramp side of the cage, then out of nowhere, Paul Heyman starts to run towards the cage to a massive male pop. The roster moves out the way as Heyman climbs the cage and slyly gives Punk a steel chair. Punk smashes Ryback in the head with it then hits the GTS for the win. The roster leave and Punk and Heyman celebrate in the ring.

    Week 4: Triple H comes out and announces that because of outside interference, the match at 'Mania will not happen. He also says that if any single superstar in the roster tries a stunt like that again they will be fired. He then gets interrupted by Paul Heyman who shoots him down a bit before reading out a letter from the board of directors which states that the match will be going ahead and that if anybody inteferes they will immediately be terminated. "And it also states that if CM Punk wins, you both lose your jobs. "Oh, and I'll be in charge." "All it needs, is for Punk and I to sign the contract" (In dramatic Heyman voice)

    Week 4: The contract signing at the end of the night between Heyman, Vince, Triple H and CM Punk. Heyman and Punk obviously verbally destroy HHH and Vince, in a 20 minute verbal battle between them all. Punk refers to a small amount of this promo . Punk then points out how everybody hated Heyman back then, but now they realise that he's completely right. It ends with a stare-off between HHH and Punk with miraculously nobody going through the table.

    Week 5: CM Punk and Triple H have a long battle on the microphone again. This time concentrating more on the match than the business matters. It ends with a brawl between the two with them both being seperated. CM Punk eventually runs towards trips but is spinebustered through the announce table and Triple H finishes the night on top.

    WRESTLEMANIA - CM Punk vs Triple H - The two have a long match, lots of great spots and really good emotion shown throughout. CM Punk eventually comes out on top and celebrates with Paul Heyman, the new GM of Raw and Smackdown.

    What does everyone think about this? In hindsight I should've probably not included Vince and chosen someone else but Barrett but oh well. And yes, I know, there's absolutely no hope in hell of this ever happening :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  2. :yes: is good :yes:

    vince using the GTS :lol1:
  3. Thanks Vince :yes:

    I thought it would be a nice touch :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Although he'd probably botch it considering Punk still does and he's used it for years!

  4. knowing vince he'd tear his quad lifting his leg up to hit them in the face, and then tear the other one while he's hopping around in pain on it

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  5. I love it, but I wouldn't have Ryback as the heel, I'd replace him possibly with Henry or something.
  6. I quite like Ryback as the heel, think it would get him over well. Henry would work easily as well.
  7. Too generic imo. Being some generic monster heel enforcer doesn't bring out the potential in Ryback.
  8. I think he could work quite well, a bit like Batista did in Evolution. He could eventually turn face by turning/being turned on by Vince/HHH/Barrett.

    Glad you liked it by the way.
  9. Yeah it'd definitely work, we saw how good he was as a heel in Nexus. He was the stand out performer behind Barrett. I'm just a big fan of his non-smiley badass face gimmick atm lol.

  11. If he's forced he has no choice.
  12. True, it is a refresing change from the usual faces :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Edit - Love how I gave CM Punk an uber push and Sandy still finds something to complain about !
  13. Lmao was loling at the same thing.
  14. Great, great storyline R'Albin. I'd love to see it happening. I laughed at Vince hitting the GTS too, and also think that Henry in Ryback's role would be a better choice. But it's still an awesome storyline.
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