My Summerslam Review

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  1. So SummerSlam 2015 is over but did it live up to expectations? We're the matches as good as expected? Well here is where I break it down for y'all.

    The SummerSlam preshow isn't something I would normally mention, The WWE fans get a rough ride especially the older ones as it's seen as teen TV but it's entertaining and the twists and turns that take place not to mention the comedic value makes a good reason why I tune in. The fact that Kevin Owens made an appearance makes it hard not to mention the pre show while the panel were discussing him he turned up to put them straight, I love his character, all he does is mock and doesn't give a shit who he upsets and ridicules, after stealing the can of drink from Byron Saxton and leaving with a parting "Renee" was great, I think I want to be friends with Kevin Owens we would get on great.

    Randy Orton v Sheamus

    I expected this match to be a time filler, a standard match just as a warm up but it was much more entertaining than I anticipated. I love Sheamus entrance and his "Faugh au Ballagh" cry before his ring walk is cool, Randy Orton was cut during the match and the pair cooked up a pretty good match overall, the Money in the bank was mentioned a few times and I said in my preview that I thought Sheamus would cash in but it wasn't to be in the end, Sheamus picked up the win but I still can see this feud going on for a while longer because although it's repetitive they still put on good matches.

    Winner - Sheamus

    Tag Team Title Match
    The New Day v Los Matadores v The Lucha Dragons v The Prime Time Players
    Big E is hilarious!!! That has to be the first point made, he is a heavy set bloke who acts the fool and dances around and I was laughing my ass off during his entrance and after the match. I wasn't too interested in them to start with but with Big E now having me in stitches I look forward to seeing them. The match itself was good the ability to tag yourself into the match and pin your team mate to win confused me at the off, the majority of the time it was New Day and Prime time players doing the ring work so I don't know why it was a fatal four way when they could have just had those two teams facing each other, The Lucha Dragons were just there to be tossed around and Titus O'Niells 3 man suplex looked great, I really enjoyed this match and Big E running around the ring in victory was absolutely hilarious.

    Winners - The New Day

    Dolph Ziggler v Rusev

    Another good match in my opinion, Rusev is another of my current favourites and is an absolute beast, the full body somersault he did I've never seen him do before and from a guy of his size it was impressive. There were many kick outs of finishing moves and that made for a very good match given the time scale of the setting up of it, Lana and Summer Rae were always going to start scrapping but I was suprised it contributed to the double count out as I expected a clean finish even with interference, it was obviously to make the fued last longer which I don't have a problem with. I perticulaly liked Rusev laughing when Lana was chinned that was great, the tag team set is clearly going to happen.

    No winner

    Stephen Amell and Neville v Stardust and King Barrett
    Well I for one was very suprised with this match, not because it was a great match but Stephen Amell looked very very confident and not at all out of place in the ring with the others, he was very convincing and wasn't afraid at all to put himself about and try things and take bumps, he had clearly been looked after and wasn't afraid to get involved, the match on the whole was so so, Amell was the highlight but the Neville v Stardust fued wasn't furthered with this match.
    Winners - Stephen Amell and Neville
    Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match
    Ryback v Big Show v The Miz

    Predictable, this just didn't work at all for me, I hate to keep bashing Big Show but he is awful, he is just there for names sake and offered nothing in the form of entertainment value, the point when he tried to do a somersault, yes SOMERSAULT from the second rope was cringeworthy and The Miz looked out of place in the ring with those two beasts, very little more to add to this which is a shame, Big Show should retire, soon.

    Winner - Ryback

    Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose v Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper
    This began strangely, Ambrose being handed his arse by the Wyatts while Reigns was out of commission, not sure why that needed to happen and the only reason I can come to is Reigns hasn't enough arsenal to be entertaining for a long period of time, which he hasn't. I dont find his in ring work overly entertaining and I might be in the minority but that's just my opinion. Ambrose is very good in ring but Reigns just jumps around throwing punches and I'm not fond of it, I expected a heel turn by either of the faces and without that it was just boring and predictable.
    Winners - Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose
    WWE World Heavyweight Championship and United States Championship
    John Cena v Seth Rollins

    Question after question after question. Why was the title match on four matches from the end? Why was Seth Rollins dressed like a gay Jesus? Was he actually trying to represent Jesus? What the hell was the finish all about? It was a mystery, having said that the match itself was great, Rollins is excellent and Cena is always great whoever he faces, Rollins high manoeuvres and some of his other work were amazing, he certainly shows why he's the biggest heel in the company and why he is the Champion. There were lots of good kick outs which always entertains me because your guessing which one will end it. The ending was awful and spoiled a great match, ok it was explained on Raw why Jon Stewart took out Cena but it just wasn't a satisfactory ending as far as I was concerned. I said in my preview that I would bare my backside in the living room window if either left with both titles, I'll drop my pants shortly.

    Winner - Seth Rollins

    Divas Triple Threat Tag Team Match
    Team Bella v Team Bad v Team PCB
    I have tried to get involved with the Divas matches, I've tried so hard to invest something in it, but I'm falling short, it always seems to be the match I take a piss break, I accept they are trying hard to push the Divas but it really needs to be improved more than it is, it was just another time killer, we need to have some of them all fighting over the Divas Title and not these showcase three competitor elimination matches, it's just pointless. Also Charlottes shorts are too short, she's looks like a tart.

    Winners - Team PCB

    Cesaro v Kevin Owens

    I'll have to say it, it pains me to say it but Cesaro just can't carry a co main event match and I've no idea why. I enjoy his work on Raw but I can't fathom why for some strange reason I can't get on with him high up the card on a PPV. As i said at the start I'm a big Kevin Owens fan, I can identify with his character and I'm hoping he can be up in the main event scene because he wouldn't look out of place. This match was a good match truth be told but I just don't think Cesaro has it to be this high up on the card, I may be proved wrong and like I said I can't put my finger on why. I was glad that Owens got the win and I hope it pushes him on further even quicker.

    Winner - Kevin Owens

    Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker

    This started great with The Undertaker being attacked as soon as he entered the ring and a great holy shit moment when The Undertaker lifted up Brock and threw him out of the ring, The idea of the beast running away from Undertaker was so good and added the match the sense of it being a very close one and not the walkover many expected, Undertaker looked excellent taking supex after suplex at his age and hearing the reports he collapsed after the match didnt suprise me with how much he put himself about. Lesnars cut and the fact he looks like he really wants to kill somebody makes it obvious why he is so box office and putting Undertaker though a table with an F5 follwed by Lensar litterally being bouced off the canvas simply ticked all the boxes for me, these two put on the blockbuster we were expecting. The part where Lesnar kicked out of the tombstone then laughed at Taker with Taker laughing back at him was also amazing, The ending was good and bad, firstly bad because Lesnar was robbed but good because niether of the guys had to lose face and take a clean defeat to the other and also Lesnar giving Taker the finger before passing out put the icing on the cake, furthmore Paul Heyman going mental at the end was also great entertainment.
    Did it live up to the hype? Absolutely.

    Winner - The Undertaker

    Overall i throughly enjoyed the entire event, the majority of the matches were good and i was enthralled throughout the full card, i have to say that Stings appreance on Raw the following night was the highlight of the whole weekends wrestling, if that angle could have been worked into the PPV i would have been jumping around as much as Big E was, im chuffed to bits that the Stinger has returned and i now look forward to his match against Rollins at Night of Champions.
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