My Super Bowl Prediction.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheTNHMaster, Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    (All the photos were shittly cropped.)

    Now, going into this season, I predicted the Colts/Saints. Now as we approach the finale of the Regular Season, my picks to go to the Super Bowl are....

    (100% biased BJ is biased)


    Call me crazy, because I am, but I have a very good reason why I picked the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC. Ready? Okay, good.

    Right now, the Saints are projected to be the 6th seed. If they are, they will face the Eagles in the first round,but, let's say they get a higher seed than the Eagles. The Saints take home field advantge and when you face the Saints at home, you can basically mark it up as a L. Now, they will most likely end up traveling to Carolina to face the Panthers. Now, we had a pretty bad game against them last week, but...I think the Saints can somehow overcome the odds and beat the Panthers' D. I don't think the Panthers' offense will be able to compete in the playoffs. Yes, Cam and his army have been hit and miss this season. Their defense is good, better than the Saints, but I still see the Saints walking away with the W. Now, the 49rs are projected to face the Bears. Easy, 49ers. The 49ers take the Seahawks on. Now, if the Cards can do it...the 49rs can. Even with the 12th man, I believe the 49rs will be able to beat the Seahawks. Now, we come down to the Saints and 49rs with the 49rs are at home, but...I think this game will come down to the wire. I only see the Saints winning by a TD or 3 points. Now, since I laid out the Saints journey...the Patriots.

    Now, the Patriots are projected to have a first round bye. If they do, they will end up facing the Colts who upset the Chiefs. Patriots beat the Colts. They end up facing the Broncos, without a doubt. Tom Brady and New England roll over Peyton Manning and Denver sending them to the Super Bowl.

    Now, I have no idea who is gonna win this. So...Da Bears 354-3-7

    Post your prediction. Also, the NFC choice is so biased, no h8 plz.​
  2. 0% chance the Saints make it. Plus they would go to Seattle in round 2, not Carolina. Seattle will be tough to beat, but I'm going to say SAN FRANSISCO or the team I'm about to tell you about has the best chance to win there.

    You ready for this? Fucking GREEN BAY PACKERS ( @Champ Johnson ) are going to get hot.

    Rodgers plays Sunday. They sneak in. Beat SF/NO whatever the wildcard they play. Then Rodgers does the unthinkable and in back to back weeks goes into Carolina and then SEattle and hands out L's to Cam/Wilson. The NFCCG win will be justice for the time last season when replacement refs screwed the Packers in Seattle.

    Packers job to Denver in the SB. Manning gets his second ring and more people start to recognize that he is in fact the best to ever lace up cleats.
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  3. [​IMG] I was just having this talk with my dad. This week him coming back means a few more touches for Lacy and Starks (hopefully more Lacy) and the way the bears played last week it's our division to lose.

    As far as losing to Manning goes, i wouldnt care, i love Peyton like anyone else does, and seeing the QB battle would be so awesome.
  4. Saints? In the superbowl? vs the Patriots? :haha: you have to be kidding me.
  5. Rodgers and Manning are two of my favorite players. That would be the best SB match up since Saints/Colts
  6. Agreed, and I still find it amazing people hate on Peyton and don't already consider him to be one of the top 5 of all time.
  7. I think Brady is great, but I cringe when people think he is better than Manning and then hide behind 'WELL HE HAS TEH TREE RINGS AND PEYDON HAS DA ONE RING!'
  8. @Danielson is a prime example of the ringcream people have.
  9. He only chooses that argument to make Eli look better and I'm certain of that.
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  10. The Arizona Cardinals are gonna get hot. Te Saints will lose this week, because fuck them. The Cardinals will get in, and their beast of a defense will be unstoppable, well, until they play the Seahawks, that is.

    As for the AFC, it's either gonna be the Broncos or the Chiefs.

    It's a shame that in the NFC, a team that may go 11-5 won't make the playoffs but 9-7 teams are making it.
  11. Chiefs? lmfao they fucking suck
  12. Alex Smith for MVP brother, dude! :hogan:
  13. Packers? lmfao they fucking suck
  14. You are dumb bro. no offense. Its a Rodgers vs Alex Smith thing
  15. [​IMG]
    Eli for the.....nope.
    Saving this one for the big game.
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  16. [​IMG] :gtfo:
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    IMO, the chiefs have a better all around team than the Packers. Defense, special teams, o line, and with the injuries to the pack's receiving core, their WRs are about equal.
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  18. Does Rodgers even have 2 rings? :jeritroll:
  20. Danny, is that you? :harvey:
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