My tea > Your tea

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. Mmmmmmm yummy! :obama:
  2. That burger looks poor, the bun is extremely poor quality and the burger looks far too thin.

    I see your crappy burger and raise you a beautifully tender fillet steak accompanied by some gorgeous crispy golden potatoes.

  3. Looks like a cheap McDonald's burger :eww:
  4. Crappy burger. Bun looks horrible and the meat looks to be of horrible quality.

    Fries also look badly done.
  5. Interesting.
  6. Did you buy or make it?
  7. I thinked he maded it.
  8. all i care about on that picture is
    i wonder who's postcode that is on the paper
  9. The burger looks a bit poorly made, Fries (Yes I said Fries!) look ehn.
  10. Food is food brothers, all goes down the same hole. I eat my bacon half raw, I still think its the greatest sandwich on earth.
  11. Lol he put chips in the burger. Pure innovation.
  12. According to Stephanie McMahon he'd have more innovation than Paul Heyman.

  13. SR2 QAQ.
    It's a customers post code from where my mum works, she had to deliver a ring to her.
  14. Also, yes it was a McDonalds double chesseburger.
  15. You boast about McDonalds? :O
  16. McDonalds > You. :smug:
  17. My breakfast beats your tea sir.

  18. McDonalds = horrible food. You poor miserable boy
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  19. Nah. It's scratter food, I agree. However it's not 'horrible' - it's good when you've got a hangover and when you fancy something greasy. :dawg:

    Also scratter = lowlife/chav

    As I don't believe people outside NE used scratter :pity1:
  20. I would never eat McDonalds when I am hungover. I only eat McDonalds if no other fast food is available. McDonalds tastes horrible if you ask me compared to other fast foods.
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