My theory for the ambulance match

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  1. I believe that at Payback, CM Punk will interfere in the match and somehow affect Cena, Cena fights him off and retains the title, Then at MITB we get a rematch 2 years on for the championship and Punk wins it back. Thoughts?
  2. Sounds a bit convoluted since there is no motivation for Punk to attack Cena. With the way Punk left odds are pointing towards him coming back as a babyface. And lord knows they need an over babyface that isn't Cena in the main event.
  3. I like that, but I also heard the idea that CM Punk should come out of the ambulance and attack Cena or Ryback, depending on if he's coming back as heel or babyface.
  4. There isnt now but they can use they're past and in his "Pipebomb" promo he said about how Cena and Rock were in the main event of wrestlemania made him sick.
  5. Why would he return as a heel considering the way he left?
  6. So he's just going to rehash old material? Yeah that's totally going to work.
  7. Why would he return as a face and lose all the heat he had with Heyman and Taker.
  8. I see Axel vs whoever, midmatch both are down after le wild Ref bump. Heyman brings a chair into the ring ready to clock Axel's opponent before Cult of Personality hits and Punk walks down to the ring picks the chair and nails Axel's opponent, the three celebrate (have them smile at eachother and Punk hugs Heyman or whatever) then bam Punk turns and lays Axel out with the chair before GTSing Paul. He then goes through the crowd again. The next night Heyman demands answers for Punk's betrayal and he cuts a promo about the lack of respect Paul showed him by replacing him weeks after he went.

    Keep him out of the title scene for a while, he'll get stale if he stays in it any longer (it's been 2 years straight with him, let him do something else)
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  9. Because of how he left. When he left he clearly painted himself up as a man who lost his way. He gained the title to change the system and how wrestling worked, so that others would get opportunities. But down the road he lost his way and became corrupt and greedy. That was what his promo before he walked off painted up.

    With 90% certainty I can say that Punk will either return as a full blown babyface, or his return story will culminate in him turning face. There is nothing for him to do as a heel.
  10. They have been kinda hinting at an Axel Punk feud on twitter.

  11. Yeah I set that up :henry:
  12. :goatface:
  13. Need to stop liking your posts today. #StalkerMode

    Everything that I'd do is pretty much up there. They need to keep Punk and Cena separated for at least a year IMO, the two of them facing off is in danger of becoming stale, and IMO it could easily be a WM main event in a few year's time if they play their cards right.

  14. Because that feud is over. And it's not like he was drawing nuclear heat or anything, they were cheering him throughout his entire heel run. (If anything, maybe he'll come back and say that hearing his name chanted along with Undertaker's name - one of the most respected men in WWE - the week after WM made him realize he has all the respect from the people he needs.)

    He has no real motivation to attack Cena (a feud Vince is currently sick of and so am I) and help out Ryback. He and Ryback are kayfabe enemies, remember.

    As for how Punk and Heyman split, Punk will likely return to a huge ovation but he'll still show loyalty to Heyman until problems arise with either Lesnar or Axel. That's the obvious way to go and watching the Highlight Reel segment right now on Raw, it's already sparked an idea on how it'll go down. Punk will return to face Jericho at Payback and then Curtis Axel will come in and interfere on Punk's behalf. This will piss Punk off, as he will really wonder why he needs a "rookie" to help The Best In The World to win a match. This leads to a conflict between the two that Heyman tries to control but can't, and for some reason, it leads to Heyman choosing Axel as the future instead of Punk.
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  15. I'm personally hoping that Punk doesn't show up at all for it. Get Axel to replace him so he gets an absolute tonne of heat, while Punk gets a bigger return in a few months' time.
  16. I can see that ambulance match happening and then someone popping out of the back of it. If Punk no shows Jericho then I'm certain it'll be him. Other than that Brock Lesnar does want that WWE title and Summerslam is not too far, so I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up to take another round on Cena. Their match at Extreme Rules was good and that was without a bunch of build behind it like Cena/Rock.

  17. This is exactly what's going to happen lmfao :lol1:
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