My theory on Bryan vs Cena

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  1. First let me start by saying I'm known to stretches when it comes to my theories on matches, but I think I should share this one regardless.

    Now we all have it set in our minds that DB is winning at Summerslam, however a large majority of you seem to believe he'll win via small package. My big issue with that is, if WWE was trying to make Bryan a legit champion with a full on push wouldn't they let him go over on Cena with his finisher. That's where the conundrum happens. As I've stated in previous threads Cena has tapped only 3 times i his entire career and that was in the early 2000s. Since then, as KLock pointed out, he has adapted that "never give up" mantra. It basically means "tap out? LOLOLOLOL".

    So how could you make Bryan go over on Cena with a legit win (not some small package bs). Well nanorah suggested Bryan debut a new move and that's pretty plausible, but I've thought of something different. What if it didn't happen? What if we never got to see who would win in Cena vs Bryan, the ultimate cliffhanger. It wouldn't damage Bryan's current push and lower Cena's stock.

    So my theory is that Randy Orton will cash in during the middle of the match, not the end. Right when Bryan has Cena down, Randy comes in with an RKO "from out of nowhere" and cashes in right in the middle of the match. He then steals the win from DB.
  2. I can see this happening BUT... I am not sure they will unless they plan on having D-Bry beat Orton which I can't see happening...
    If Orton beats Cena it turns into Cena vs Orton and Bryan gets pushed to the side. It kind of takes away from his push.

    What I can see happening is their match getting interrupted or someone getting DQ'd unintentionally. Not sure what the rules are for the match though so. Those are my thoughts.
  3. I believe that wouldn't turn Orton heel. The crowd needs to "feel" how Bryan deserves the victory, how he is the underdog and how he will be a great champ and then bump Punt kick and heel turn.
    Cena "Might be down" but not over. Bryan needs to win in other to make the crowd go crazy
  4. I believe something like this will happen.

    Another swerve i've been debating is a Bryan Heel turn where he is alligned with vince. I'm not sure which one will happen but i'm positive Cena will not retain.
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