My though on Bryan Joining the Wyatts, WWE are Hypocrites! Video

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  3. it got on my laptop keybroad.
  4. I think your laptop might be broken now....
  5. no it not and its my dad. mind is getting fixed right now.
  6. so your dad's laptop is broken but yours is getting fixed?
  7. it not lol. mind getting fixed for usb plug and cd door are broken have to get it fixed its under warrey. my dad laptop is just find. it was just little that got on it.
  8. but it looked like the fruity pebble broke the screen....
  9. no it did trust i made sore.
  10. Lol'd @ Bambi
  11. Is your computer broken because you got fruity pebbles on it too? It is isn't it? Now you are on a mission to make sure all computers are broken from Fruity pebbles so they can know the pain you felt! You're a monster!
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  12. my laptop was broken a awale ago i made a thread about for people to help me out months ago. could not bring until collage was for the fall. I send it to get fixed b/c its under warrey! i was using my dad laptop and no its not broken!
  13. I don't know what you just said, but I'm going to assume yes.
  14. I thought you said your dad's is broken and in the shop and you were using your computer..... tell me the truth, Gohan.
  15. :no:! it was my laptop broke like 3 month ago i send just b/c collage was going on! the laptop that u seen in the video was my dads not mind as my is being fixed right now as we type! AND MY DADS LAPTOP IS NOT BROKEN!
  16. u have it backward! fixed!
  18. ye i cen
  19. Ohhhhhhh, but I thought the fruity pebble broke the screen of your dad's computer...