WrestleMania My thoughts on Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by THEWWEMARK, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. I love the Rhodes feud. The IC title being feuded over at WrestleMania brings prestige. I hope they give Show the title so Rhodes can propel to the main event. He can them start feuding for one of the world titles. So Big Show wins, has a little mid-card run since he's pretty over, while Rhodes moves on to higher things. Genius? I think so. There's no need for Rhodes to hold on to the title anyways, considering the fact he's a credible heel and (I think) has been beaten Randy Orton.
  2. Thing is Big Show isn't over, he gets pretty dead responses. He makes no opponenet look good, so Rhodes losing at Wrestlemania will just put him over as the coward heel who talks the talk but can't walk the walk. You're right though, a feud at WM for the IC title does bring some prestige to it, but why in gods name didn't WWE have him defend it more often?
  3. Because their belts are essentially just props now. At least the midcard belts.

    At least we're getting a IC Title match at Wrestlemania again. First time in 10 years (not counting that 21 second match at WM24.)
  4. Big show gets pretty good responses on both raw and smackdown. I think they set up that match so that Cody will be able to move on to main event feuds. Possibly a feud with DBryan/Sheamus?
  5. He doesn't. His pops on SmackDown are canned, like most of the reactions people get. Watch him enter on RAW, no one literally cares he gets next to nothing as a reaction.

    But yeah you're right, it's set up to move Rhodes out of the mid card, but it's still not right having Show win in my opinion.
  6. I don't give a shit about about how he wins, just that he wins. Rhodes of course.
  7. Big show gets good reaction at both RAW and Smackdown. Certainly a louder reaction than Miz gets. :pity:
  8. I personally would have Rhodes win at 'Mania with Big Show winning at a later Pay-per-view so Rhodes can step up to the main event. I think him going over Big Show at 'Mania would make him look like more of a threat.

    At least this is a match at Wrestlemania that is a bit unpredictable as well.
  9. The problem is there is no one else on Smackdown for Rhodes to work with at WM, Big Show has to put him over cleanly, Big Show has been the world title picture for months so a win over him could be what's needed to propel Rhodes into the main event picture. I'd have him go over Show here and then fact Sheamus at Extreme Rules
  10. DUMB! That should have had Goldust vs. Cody for the IC at WM28! WWE FUCK UP AGAIN!
  11. Gabriel would of been a much better choice to have as opponent then the big show.Sure Gabriel is not a big name but the match quality if given 15-20 minutes would be good.Thing is wwe cannot be bothered to build the midcard anymore so we get Show dropping back down to the midcard because wwe think that is what the title needs a star attraction.Show imo is not really a good worker and its just sad to see the state of this once great title.Damn i miss the days where Benoit and Jericho would feud over the Belt.
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  12. Liked. Great post.
  13. I see Big Show as someone who is currently... confused.

    The face thing isn't working for me. Show is a heel at heart, and you can clearly see that in his feuds with Brock, Benoit, and 'Taker during Ruthless Aggression. My problem is that he's been made too human. He's not the giant anymore, he's not scary, and he's definitely getting ripped off. If he wins, all it would do is hurt Codys momentum and extend this charade.
  14. Agreed yet again. As a heel I put him in the bearable pile, going through superstar after superstar no-selling works with that gimmick, he's a scary giant. But the big friendly monster gimmick is just horrific. He hasn't helped any superstar with it and won't.
  15. Rhodes should win but I think Big Show will. He has been embarrassed long enough and I think he has to come back. Plus, Rhodes has the title for too long. Unless someone interferes, Big Show will win.
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