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  1. I won't go into Sting/Roode. I think we all feel the same way. It's retarded for Sting to go over and none of us want to see this match at Slammy. 0/10
    Bully Ray/Joseph Park- Awesome. Another great segment, and the match is set. Sweeeeeeeeet. 9/10
    Aries vs Sabin- Very very entertaining TV match. These two have styles that are very similar and compliment one another perfectly. I really hope they have a match at Slammy and they are given 15 minutes to tear the roof off. 8.5/10, could have been longer.
    Brooke Hogan/Dixe- Meh. Don't really care too much, but I can dig Brooke if she dresses like that every week. 4.5/10
    TV Title match- fucking retarded. Nobody gives a shit about Devon/Robbie, why is that still going?? 1/10
    Joey Ryan- I enjoyed the hell out of the deliberation segment backstage and the in ring segment.. Ryan is awesome, and it had me interested. That being said, how do they give Silva a contract and turn this guy down? I hope and pray that this is a work and he eventually shows up again, but if not, 0/10 for turning him down. If it's a work and they pulled the wool over my eyes, possibly a 10/10. If that was a shoot and Pritchard/Taz really turned him down, 0/10
    Styles/Daniels- I didn't pay much attention to most of the match, I've seen it all before with these two. I like that the tag team titles feud is being featured in the main event, and the match will probably be very good at Slammy. Dixie/AJ storyline is almost as played out as Robbie/Devon. Ugh
    Overall rating- 2/10
    Loved Park/Bully, loved Aries/Sabin, loved the Gut Check stuff until Tazz said no, but the stupidity of Sting/Roode and turning down Ryan leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth from this show.
  2. Man, commenting on your TNA Impact ratings thread is so boring...

    2/10. Why? Because of everything in the OP.

    Btw, Aries and Joe is confirmed now due to the squirtbottle thing. Great build TNA
  3. :dafuq: :obama:

    I rofl'd @ 'great build TNA'- On one hand, wtf? They could have at least have had Joe confront him backstage or something.. on the other.. I'm okay with this. Should be a good match at least.
  4. Agreed with most of it. I personally was annoyed with the content in the Ray/Joe promo but I'd probably still give it a 9/10 for the way Ray delivered it, he's outstanding. Though I would have given Brooke segment 0/10.
  5. Tbh I didn't pay attention to any of the Brooke segment.. just saw the dress she was wearing and then ignored most of it
  6. Well, ProWrestling.Net has confirmed it, but I haven't seen word of it anywhere else. I tend to believe it because there's no other reason to do the squirtbottle spot. This isn't WWE where they just throw random things like that out there and never plan to follow up on them (right, Miz?) has also confirmed that bullshit tag match (Devon and Garett vs the Robbies) which single-handedly convinced anyone and everyone not to buy this PPV.
  7. That's a tag team match? I thought it was a fatal 4 way for the TV title lmao. I hate Slammy X so much. Fuck that PPV
  8. The worst part is, what's the rest of the card gonna be? Nobody has anything going on, really. They have to hot-shot a Knockouts' contender in, there's the Crimson/Eric Young feud (and the Madison Rayne crush angle, probably used to make it a mixed-tag). Those look like 2 of the remaining matches, and no one else has anything going on... Hardy vs Anderson (or BVD) for the #1 contendership?

  9. The build has been atrocious is some cases, and nonexistent in most. It wouldn't be a big deal if this were a filler PPV, but considering it's one of their Big 3, and their 10th anny show on top of that and it's just baffling and annoying as fuck.

    And it's not even one of those cards where it looks like the matches will make up for the lack of build. All of the matches besides a couple look like shit.
  10. If they didn't spend two weeks on Open Fight Night, and a big chunk of another on Gut Check (and Brooke Hogan), this show would seem so much better. We're only two months in and I hope they dump these concepts already, man they are killing PPV build.

    We don't know what to expect from Park/Bully. I'd expect Mickie or Tara to be the Knockouts contender (they were brought in for a segment, but they had to cut it from the show), so that would be nice. Joe/Aries and the good tag match will both be amazing... The rest of that card sucks more than From Justin to Kelly.
  11. Not what we needed right now with NWO going to suck a ton of balls.
  12. Open Fight Night I'm pretty much over. It's lame. I'm still intrigued by the Gut Check concept because it has provided entertaining segments thus far.
  13. I thought it was a very solid show. The energy was there, and it's the most important thing. And my favorite wrestler of all time main events against Roode one more time, fuckyeah! Bully Ray is a fucking genius. Nice to see Sabin back.
  14. I like the Open Fight Night concept itself, but think they need to get rid of the title defense nonsense and the 1,391 Hogan segments leading up to it.

    Just saw ProWrestling.Net point out something awesome: "TNA wants to convince us that they are throwing away the format and what we are seeing is unscripted. So why in the world would both announcers gush over the signing of Brooke Hogan and act like she's a worldwide megastar? Couldn't at least one of the announcers have at least spoken for the big part of the audience that wants to know what qualifies her to be the head of the Knockouts division? I'm not even blaming Mike Tenay and Taz because lord knows it would be politically taboo to dare to do this, but Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter are well aware that this decision isn't popular with all viewers. Why not have her character prove herself and win over a skeptical Taz when/if the timing feels right rather than shoving her down our throats and having everyone act like this is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Knockouts?"

    Big props to Joe here. The eternal optimist, unless WWE is involved.
  15. Well, this is their "first" live show, so I can live with some obvious flaws.
  16. Random question: How would your feelings towards the show have changed had they gone with the "WWE Lumberjack Match" finish? You know, if all the lumberjacks would have jumped into the ring and brawled, Roode climbed out and ran up the ramp just for Hogan to stop him and announce the Slammiversary match.

    Obviously it would have been better since Roode didn't job, but then the show would have felt like complete filler, and not have the one outstanding moment to overshadow everything else.
  17. lol, I don't even know. I'd say that would be a lot less lame than Sting winning with the anticlimactic finish that he did, but still lame as hell.
  18. The only thing that would have been good with this shitty match is Roode winning clean and heading into a feud with someone else for Slammiversary.
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  20. Brief comments about IMPACT this week:

    - good crowd and awesome energy through the show.
    - Sting/Roode main eventing Slammy is solid, I see no better solution now bcuz everyone challenged Roode already.
    - Robbies/Devon continue, lawls.
    - Aries/Sabin and Styles/Daniels were good.
    - Brooke Hogan... Will see.
    - Styles/Carter is intriguing me. Nice story tbh.
    - Where is Magnus?
    - Ray and Park are awesome


    The rating is horrible, btw, the timeslot change obviously did do the damage.
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