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  1. Another good 3hr Raw, enjoyed it so much more watching the end this morning without the tedium of the ads and recaps.

    The Show opener was good because the match didn’t last too long. It was just the definition of a generic Big Show match. The Daniel Bryan entrance was awesome and pretty amusing as well.

    The JTG/Ryback match was also pretty funny I thought. It was just the way he came on screen and we were all thinking to ourselves “Oh, he’s maybe getting a chance after his twitter remarks?” then out comes Ryback to bury him. His theme is an absolute abomination by the way, his original one was so much better. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    R-Truth/Slater was a little random, but Prime Time Playas looked like absolute bosses after assaulting Kingston. Still, they are much less of a presence without AW I think. They’re still entertaining but they’re definitely better off with him.

    Tensai/Cara – once again another peculiar Tensai match. He’s received some of the strangest booking that I’ve seen anyone ever get from WWE. Gets wins over Cena and Punk, the gets buried by Sheamus before being beaten by Kidd and others. The on Smackdown two weeks ago he appears to be getting pushed again when he was involved in a (pretty good quality) match with Sheamus which got 10 minutes + and then this week, he gets buried by Cara again? Really strange.

    Piper’s pit with Jericho/Ziggler/Miz: I’m sorry but Piper was clearly hammered out there. Kept interrupting everyone and his promo was totally nonsensical. Out of the lot of them I think Ziggler actually cut the best promo for sure. Still, Jericho wins because of his incredible haircut, so bosslike. The match that proceeded was really good but surprised Mysterio didn’t get involved. Would’ve made it easier to avoid too much Jericho/Ziggler interaction and would’ve progressed the fued with Miz somewhat. Still, no complaints from me, just disappointed by Piper is all. A shame.

    John Cena and CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan and Big Show: Thought this was quite a good and effective match. My god I marked so hard for Punk doing Cena’s 5 moves of doom, Cena then doing Punk’s just completely flopped and left him looking like a twat. Daniel Bryan ONCE AGAIN was absolute gold.

    One thing I really don’t understand is why they felt the need to add Big Show into the fued. They easily could have had Punk just jealous of Cena without Big Show having to get in the way. It is reminiscent of his fued with Bryan with Kane getting involved, made sense in a way but they need a better worker for me to be entertained by it.
    The thing that is totally confusing me is … where the hell was Kane? I’m not complaining but, have they just gotten rid of it? They had a lot of interaction between Bryan and Show (which was hilarious incidentally) and him interrupting the first segment kind of suggests he’s getting involved with the match? But, they wouldn’t just randomly cancel the Kane match with not announcement surely? To say I’m perplexed would be an understatement.

    Sandow going over Christian was awesome. I like Christian and think he should’ve achieved so much more in the WWE but now is the time for him to start putting folk over, his career has already been wasted and he might as well use the rest of it to put over up and coming guys like Sandow. The match should’ve been a bit longer I felt but I marked for serious Brodus. Cool match that put over Sandow really well.

    The contract signing segment onwards was absolutely incredible. Oh my god Heyman was fucking incredible. So, so good. He’s just incredible at selling Lesnar and it infuriates me that he hasn’t been used even as a TV character for so long, he’s amazing at getting heat (which Lesnar got himself anyway) and can put over people so well with just 5 minutes of promo. Then the backstage assault of Michaels, and the threatens of breaking Shawn’s arm was just brilliant. One of my favourite segments in ages. They way they had everyone backstage scared shitless over Lesnar was just fantastic. Really good fued and only thing I’ve not really liked about it is the persistent recaps which are incredibly dull and repetitive.
    Great Raw for me, enjoyed watching it on replay instead of live and I was able to enjoy the show and it’s (I know, grammar) segments so much more when I could skip the crap and wasn’t tired and grumpy. There were a lot of really good, fued – progressing segments and the only let down on the show was Piper who was an absolute disgrace, turning up in that state.

    Still, really enjoyed that – 7.5/10


    Any feedback would be appreciated and advice on what could make it look better/ easier to read.
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  2. Very good read, we share the same views on a lot of things.
  3. Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. No problemo. :win:
  5. Agree with most but Ryback's new theme is incredible :gtfo:!
  6. Oh no, think it sounds really cheesy, the "feed me more" is so horrible in it IMO :eww:
  7. BULL. It gets him over which is fantastic, you see how over he was last night? Also, after that "feed me more" stuff it has lyrics now which sounds good. It's not on YT yet though :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. But I get the feeling it's gonna be like the yes's and WWE will just kill it, just have him doing the thing arm/chant every week, no need to put it in the theme at all IMO.
  9. IMO they haven't killed the yes', they've propelled them further with DB going to "NO!" which I have to say is incredibly funny.

    I just think it's a good way to get someone over. When you hear "feed" they will cheer.
  10. It works better with Miz's theme for example. Feed me More isn't something that really makes me want to pop, the old start to his into worked much, much better.

    The "no" is hilarious I have to admit, the tagging with Big Show last night was hilarious.
  11. Feed me more is fine as a chant, ideally he wouldn't chant it when it catches on just have the people do it. I agree it going in his theme is horrible however.
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