Royal Rumble My Thoughts on the Rumble..

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RetroFan4Real, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Okay internet keyboard geeks...listen up.

    The rumble was shocking. First of all, ITS 2014, NOT 2004 or hell, even 2005. Nobody wants nor cares about Dave Batista coming back. He is quite simply a Goldberg Wannabe. It angers me that a guy as talented as Brock Lesnar is under the same label as Batista.. they don't even match up, or come close. Brock is a once in a lifetime athlete.........guys like Batista come and go. And i wish on this occasion, he would GO.

    What fans DO care about however...are the guys who bust their ass on a weekly basis, (oh well hang on a min batista has signed a two year deal, blah blah) SHUT YOUR MOUTH...he got where he is because of ass kissing....not through hard work.
    Guys like CM punk, Daniel Bryan, RVD, Jericho,....they all paid their dues and they all deserve every main event spot they get or should get.

    Sadly Vince Mcmahon (even though he IS a great guy, heart of gold) has an obsession with wrestlers or "SPORTS ENTERTAINERS" looking a certain way, and hes had the exact same vision since the 80s.. He will ALWAYS prefer big guys over talented guys. But if you look at the records, look at the history of the business , was at its best (entertainment wise AND ratings wise) when guys like SHAWN MICHAELS, BRET HART, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, THE ROCK (before he got juiced) MICK FOLEY, CHRIS JERICHO, REY MYSTERIO , ...were on top.

    Thankyou for reading, and i rest my case.
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