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  1. Pederson: We're back here on Saturday Night Precision after the commercial break, but Patrick, let's go back to last night. The highly anticipated Precision draft took place and it definitely lived up to the hype.

    Young: It was easily the most historic event we've ever had here in Precision. Unfortunately, I still believe Andersen Vega should have been the first pick, not The Blade.

    Pederson: You're just delusional, Young. The Blade was the bookmakers favorite to be the first pick and Ryan Blake played it safe by drafting a great superstar who is also the Iron Man Champion.

    Pederson: Now here comes the fourth overall draft pick and the second draft pick for Team Green, Tyson Blade!

    Young: After what happened after his match with The Blade at SummerSlam, I am very intrigued to hear what this young man has to say. I was talking to him in the back earlier and he said he had a bombshell he needed to tell the world here tonight and I guess this must be it.

    Tyson Blade slowly walks onto the stage as his theme music kicks in, however the crowd reaction unusually is quite negative. Blade, unlike his normal self, doesn't strut or exert a little bit of arrogance, he instead just walks down the ramp fixated with the ring in the middle of the arena. To Blade, it's like as if there are no fans in attendance, just him and the ring. Tyson quickly slides under the rope, very similar to how he did a week before at SummerSlam, after his match with The Blade. Instead of performing his usual schtick of playing up to the crowd, he instead grabs a microphone and sits in the corner of the ring against the turnbuckle exactly how he did the week before.

    "The question on everybody's mind is why did I act like that towards The Blade after our SummerSlam match last week?"

    Evidently, the crowd are still very unhappy with Tyson's actions at SummerSlam. Blade was expecting this though and doesn't seem very surprised at all, as the boo's begin to get louder.

    "The answer is simple. I had and still have a lot of things on my mind, going into that match and walking out of it."

    The crowd begins to quieten down as they are not filled with wonder on what Tyson has to say next.

    "My first problem is all this hype leading up to this match. Every announcer, fan and every member of the media depicted me as the underdog going into this match. I understand that The Blade isn't as much of an underdog as he once was, I mean how can you be an underdog if you are winning week in and week out? Either way, I was seen as the underdog! Are you kidding me! I'm the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of all-time, how in any way can I be classed as the underdog?"

    Tyson then puts the microphone down and uses the ropes to get himself back to his feet, it seems as if he is still hurting from his match at SummerSlam. He picks the microphone back up and continues.

    "This was also my last shot at championship gold and I was fully aware of that going into my match. I knew that I'd already blew my shot at regaining my World Heavyweight Championship after Buster Gates defeated me two weeks ago in this very ring. But you know what really pisses me off? Guys like Robert Blake who haven't done anything relevant to this company whatsoever, stroll in and get given world championship matches. In this business you should not be given anything, you have to work day in and day out to earn your shot at a championship. I don't care whether Robert was and still is the world champion elsewhere, that means nothing here. He should have been made scrub the floors and clean the locker rooms, just like every other guy that has walked into this company. It's called paying your dues and if you have not done that and you've climbed the ranks in this industry, you sure as hell don't deserve to be where you are right now."

    Tyson begins to pace back and forth in the middle of the ring, as he goes on to his next little rant.

    "This week my social media has blown up and that's not just because of what happened at SummerSlam. No, it's because everyone wants to know what I thought of the Precision draft. They want to know what I thought of being the number four pick in the draft and being drafted to Team Green. That answer is also simple. I do not care one bit about this draft or being on either team. We had the first pick, The Blade which was expected, so I wasn't to fussed about that. Then we had the second pick. The Intercontinental Champion, Joseph Diamond. So let me get this straight, Joseph Diamond went second in the draft. Ahead of me. Ahead of Andersen Vega, ahead of Jack Rogue and Will Neilson to name a few. The fact that Joseph Diamond was drafted before me makes me sick. This man believes he is entitled to everything when in fact, he doesn't deserve his championship, he doesn't deserve an ounce of my respect and he sure as hell doesn't deserve as much time on television as he has been getting. The fact that the leader of our team made that decision just shows how idiotic he really is. Diamond may be a champion, but he doesn't bring ratings, merchandise sales or any form of entertainment for a fan to enjoy. An absolutely terrible choice from a completely washed up man, who is the most self-righteous person in wrestling."

    The crowd actually start to cheer Tyson after his derogatory statement towards the now former World Heavyweight Champion.

    "Earlier tonight, I promised the world a bombshell and by now you guys should know that I always deliver a promise, so here goes. In three weeks time the Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View takes place and I guarantee you this event will be an historic night to remember because this will be my last match in professional wrestling. No matter who I face or the stipulation, this will be the final time I step foot in this ring. Right here, right now I am confirming to the world my retirement from professional wrestling. Hell In A Cell will be my last rodeo and hopefully my career ends on a high and I end the night with my hand held high."

    Tyson drops the microphone, his theme doesn't play and the crowd seemed shocked as it seems these next few weeks will be the final in the storied career of Tyson Blade.

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