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  1. *Robert Blake is in the ring with his Angels (Group members) standing by him. He calls for a mic as he falls to his knees. He begins to speak over the boos*

    Robert Blake:
    Well....Glory is coming to me faster than I thought. I hear people in the backstage saying I don't deserve this match...."What has he done for the past two weeks?".....Are you idiots blind?! Let me give you some background then. I was the last IC champion of TWF. I made my debut in this place with style as I called out Tyson Frost. I had my first match here at Night Of Champions where I beat Tyson Frost clean. I then went on to beat the former Hardcore champion Trodai. I also cut long intense promos every week just like this one. I did all of this while the World champion lost to someone called Ben Song. I'm the only option for a fucking world title match! I don't think Ben Song is worthy of this match though....He just beat the world champion and that's it. Anyway I saw that match and wow Lukey got his ass beat! I know Ben Song is bad but Lukey was terrible! Did you see that fool knock over the ref as he was about to pin? I need to thank Lukey for a great laugh. I always knew Lukey was a bit slow but this week he seemed like he was on drugs along with his slow brain. Who is Ben Song anyway? I didn't even know this guy before he beat Lukey. He's the leader of some little stupid tag team? His tag team partner was that sore loser who posted shit on Facebook? These guys are real losers. I'm going to beat this Ben Song guy and then I'm going to beat that weirdo Lukey.

    *Robert Blake begins to stand as he continues to speak*

    Robert Blake: How do you guys like me? I have been telling the truth for the past month....I said I was going to take the world title and I'm basically at that point come Feast Or Fired. I said the darkness will rule this place and we're already at the top! I might be the only wrestler to tell the truth. You may not like the truth but it is the truth. They know what I can do and Lukey knows this better than most.....I did pin him before. Wait....let's watch that! Sorry if this is copyright from a dead company.

    Robert Blake: Woo! I beat Lukey clean and I knocked that fool called Tyson Frost down....I did it all while Jay Sparks watched. I know I'm good but that was just sexy! But as you can see I can beat Lukey....I know it since I have already done it. Lukey has never beat me and he won't. He looked good there though. This was the time where he called himself "Great" but that's long gone. I'm not going to lie but Lukey was good back then. He was the main guy that did it all....He was great. But that is long gone. Lukey has lost his smile and he won't get it back....He should just go home and gift me the world title since I'm the only worthy one to hold it. I'm sick of waiting....I'm becoming world champion at Feast Or Fired because it's my damn time! I will be the greatest world champion of all time and deep down you all know that. I'm a icon like no other. I'm the fucking man! And all I can see is glory which is waiting for me....Lukey won't stop me from finally reaching my glory. No one can stop me....I'm ready for them all! Bring it on Exodus!

    *Robert Blake drops the mic as he leaves the ring. Robert Blake stands tall at the top of the stage with his Angels. He gives a devilish smile before he leaves ending the segment*