My times here..god oh god...(1 year here soon - 01-24-2013)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. First of all guys I am not trying to be arrogant, cocky or selfish - I am just remembering some of the huge shit I had going on in my years of being active here. (I'll try remember most of the "activites" without digging up my old posts.)

    I don't really have much to say about this website but in about four days I will become one year old. (Don't be mistaken, I registered on the 24th of January 2012.)

    That really does not feel like a long time ago. All of the things I had going around here were unexplainable. I can't believe how much I have been through here and everything I have done ever since the day I registered.
    I'm going to make it quick, so here's a list of stuff I remember: (If you remember anything just dig it up)

    • [*]I remember being a badass Uploader that did not miss a single show. I was so committed to what I was doing that I considered it as a job. (With no pay)

      [*]To add on to that, I remember that I uploaded a documentary and a WWE clip in order to advertise WWEForums (I was trying to become the next BigHossRambler but I failed pretty bad at getting the amount of referrals that he got). They are both doing great (one is at 455k views and one at 1.8M) and I am proud of that. (Proof: Here or Here)

      [*]I remember how I followed every single WWE show and how committed I was to its production.

      [*]I remember not having a good friendship with Jonathan.

      [*]I remember that I registered with a badass name (Zamorakian)

      [*]I remember that Crayo wanted to marry me. Jk we loved each other. No homo though.

      [*]I remember that me and Dolph'sZiggler (If that is still his name) had one of the most entertaining rivalry I could ever have imagined. It was really long though. We did not get along at all.

      [*]I remember that I invented FederationX and I am amazed that to this date it is still alive no matter how stupid I was when I went on to delete every informational thread it used to contain. Just the amount of hard work that has been put into it is really amazing and I am really happy for you guys.

      [*]I remember how much I hated TNA. It was unbelievable. Ask Crayo and the guys who remember. God damn those times. Why did I do it is the question I keep asking myself everyday when I think of this stupidity.

      [*]I remember posting this helpful thread for the new users and that is one of the things that I am proud about.

      [*]I remember that I was the one who came up with Fan of the Week. I actually never expected Crayo/Xanth to ever accept any requests/suggestions from me because of some reason that I just can't remember.

      [*]I remember coming up with the Predict The Results concept. Sick times right guys?

      [*]I remember a guy named Randy Savage. That is all. No need to explain him.

    Hmm I can't come up with more but hey that'll do it right? Guess so. Love you guys and thanks for being part of this lovely community, especially you who shared good times with me. Ya know.

    I am not leaving. I have a lot of business shit going around on the Internet. Made one grand off HF in less than one month; pretty badass I must add. (Bragging rights? Fudge that)

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  2. Congrats on your 1 year here
  3. I knew our feud would be mentioned. In hindsight I'm sure you feel silly for arguing with me about all that stuff I was correct about.
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  4. You're a pretty cool guy zammo, you should post here more. Missed your hilariously arrogant posts here :upset:
  5. This is basically just a 'look at what I did' bragging thread IMO.

    I like how you don't include all the times you were an ass, and I also don't remember you uploading every show like I and Big Hoss (possibly Seabs), but ah well.

    Congrats on your 1 year etc.
  6. Time flies don't it
  7. From what I can see he did sort of admit he was an ass. Stop hating for the sake of hating dude, Sunderland based citizens don't have that right.

    Congrats Zama.
  8. Also I think you made the Randy Savage quote thread which was great
  9. I really don't remember what we actually argued about. I'm pretty sure something had to do with Ziggler. If so then yes you were right.

    At least I was right about something? :maybe:

    Thanks leojay. I should, maybe. <3
    It is a "recap" of what I have done in my years of being here. Ofcourse I have the rights to brag about it? I would actually want you guys to look at it as achievements, but I guess you are back for another feud aren't you?

    I definitely uploaded more shows than you, check history broski. We were complaining when you were inactive and did not do shit, now do you remember that?

    I am pretty sure this is all jealousy. You are jealous. Admit it.


    I actually did and will do it again, I used to be one hell of an asshole. Thanks Crayo :emoji_slight_smile:

    I totally forgot that. Lol thanks for bringing it up.
  10. You're asshole gimmick was even of the best. :why:
  11. Congrats?
  12. Seriously. If anyone has the right to forgive the man it's me, and we buried that hatchet long ago.

    Ziggs the one thing i remember you getting buttsore about was me calling you a CM Punk fanboy. That's all I can recall lol. You were pretty salty
  13. You was in random feud with me :testify:

    Hellz yeah
  14. I still think you're a dick for all the stereotypical hate/rant.
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  15. Wonderful story.
  16. Oh right :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: fanboy. Good times man.

    Hey newfag.

    I guess TNA was the reason?

    And I still think that you should shove this perennial spade up your a-hole.

  17. lol'd at your responses.
  18. I think the Dolph's/Zamo fued is my favourite on this site, maybe behind MikeDAWT/Sandy.

    Congrats on the year by the way, you need to get your ass on here more :yes:
  19. This wrestling forum seems to be a big deal to some people :george:
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  20. No, your anger managment was the reason dude. :george:
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