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  1. Yes i understand TNA and pop tv had technical issues but this was a outrage that pop tv could of shown a ppv or atleast a movie so fans could wait for the Tuesday night impact if anything happens with tna its because of this and the ratings dropped due to this situation and pop tv or tna could of shown the whole show on THE website instead of depending on the network which took 2long hours of commercial Break ...with that said this is My Rant on tna 6/14/2016

  2. Watching black people rant is a hobby of mine. No offense.
  3. TNA won't die because Pop failed to air a show that doesn't make them money.

    TNA will die because TNA does not generate money. They only got money to run Slammiversary last minute because corgan bailed them out ffs
  4. sub 2 my channel we good
  5. How dare your attack my TV channel :christian:
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  6. I will rape you so good.
  7. Reported. :fact:
  8. I dont sub channels, but ill keep an eye out for your rants bruh
  9. This rant is probably better than the crap TNA has been spewing the last few years.
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  10. Another 2 post member trying to get us to pander to his video. Pass. Post 100+ times here and then do this shit and you'll get views, otherwise fuck off.
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