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    - Goosebumps. Goosebumps everywhere. All three former Shield members in the same match? I was sure that this was gonna be a good one. We saw that amazing Triple Powerbomb to Randy Orton through the announce table and I guess we all thought they will reunite at that point, but it didn't happen in the end. The only thing I didn't like about this match is that if we will ever get to see the highly-waited Shield Triple Threat it won't have this much hype since we had this mix before. We will all remember that all three former Shield member were involved on the same match before. Randy... Randy was there, too!

    #9: RANDY ORTON VS SETH ROLLINS - WrestleMania 31

    - I admit, I liked the storyline more than the match itself but this also was something special. Took place at WM, we've seen an amazing mid-air RKO by Randy Orton and many more great moves. Great chemistry between these two, in my opinion.

    #8: SETH ROLLINS VS JOHN CENA - Night Of Champions 2015

    - You may be surprised to see that Cena is in 4 of my 10 favourite matches of Seth Rollins but you shouldn't be. These two have a great chemistry together and they showed that in their matches. Their SS match was followed by this rematch for the US Title at NOC 2015 and I loved them both!

    #7: SETH ROLLINS VS DEAN AMBROSE - Hell in a Cell 2014

    - "Now you pay for this. You stabbed me in the back, you son of a bitch!" All I have to say is: GREAT STORY TELLING in this match. Ambrose is a master of this. This also was a brutal match, I mean we all remember that fall of both of these wrestlers through 2 announce tables simultaneously. You can also see the moment I'm talking about in the picture above.

    #6: DANIEL BRYAN VS SETH ROLLINS - Raw, June 10, 2013

    - Whenever you saw these two on the same ring, they delievered! Unfortunately, Daniel Bryan has retired and we won't get to see another great match between these two but we've seen the so many times in WWE and ROH. They had some incredible matches. This, in my opinion was one of the best matches of 2013.

    #5: SETH ROLLINS VS JOHN CENA - SmackDown, Dec. 27, 2013

    - I suppose not all of you have watched this match just because not all of you watch Smackdown every week but go and check out this match. It was awesome! Rollins was still in The Shield when this match took place and Cena was in the World title picture. Both of them had an incredible performance. If you watched this match, you wouldn't be surprised to see this match in my top-5.

    #4: STING VS SETH ROLLINS - Night of Champions 2015

    - "You still got it!" is all I could say to Sting. This was his last match. This better be a huge accomplishment for a still-young wrestler like Seth Rollins to wrestle the last match for such a huge legend like Sting. The entire match was awesome. Even Sting admitted after the match that Rollins is the best wrestler he has ever worked with.

    #3: DEAN AMBROSE VS SETH ROLLINS - Money in the Bank 2015

    - Such a brutal match. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins always deliver. Amazing spots, great match. One of the longest matches I've seen (35:40). 35 minutes of PURE awesomeness! Ambrose took the beating of his life.

    #2: JOHN CENA VS SETH ROLLINS - Summerslam 2015

    - In this match, Rollins had a career defining moment when he won both the US Championship match thus making history by being the first person in the history who held the WWE and US Championship at the same time. The match was also brilliant, some amazing moves, spots. Should've main evented that event though. Lame finishing, though.


    - This was, in my opinion one of the best matches I've ever seen. Definitely the best triple threat match ever. Yes, better than Benoit vs Michaels vs Triple H but that's just my personal opinion. The Beast ended up with several broken ribs after Rollins delivered an amazing Diving Elbow Drop though the announce table. He also did the Phoenix Splash for the first time in his WWE career. This might be the first and the last. He hasn't done it since then. As you can see, this is #1 and I dare to say that this is my favourite Seth Rollins WWE match so far.​

    This is all. Now I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts about my top and I'm also looking forward to seeing your own top-10 Seth Rollins matches! Don't be shy.
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  2. I'm surprised Orton / Rollins isn't higher up, that was a really well worked match with a great spot to finish. Great list overall however.
  3. no Dean/Rollins from Summerslam 2014 or the Raw afterwards? I think those were one of the finest matches of the entire year.
  4. Alright I fucks with the list
  5. Honestly, Orton vs Rollins should be in top 5 on that list. Sting vs Rollins at NoC was solid, but definitely not one of Rollins' best matches, imo.

    However, you're spot on with #1 and #2, those matches ruled!
  6. Rollins is dope. To me, he is everything the masses tried to portray DB as during his big main event push. I'm not the biggest Rollins fan but he never bores me during a PPV match that is for sure.

    As a big Sting fan growing up, I'll have to check out Rollins/Sting. People were saying it was bad and Sting broke his back or some shit. idk, I should have known better and just watched it.
  7. Pretty legit list my dude.

    I also very much enjoyed Sting vs Rollins
  8. Sting vs Rollins gave me chills throughout the entire match, that's why I put that match #4. Anyway, it's just my personal opinion. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Would've had The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family at EC 2014, on the list. Also, surprised Dean vs Seth at HIAC wasn't higher. That was an amazing match.
  10. The Rumble triple-threat was easily his greatest match.
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  11. I agree, but Cena vs Rollins from Summerslam was awesome too, not as good as the Royal Rumble one, but it was near.
  12. Your av makes you look like the biggest mark of all time
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  13. "av" ?
  14. avatar, your display picture.
  15. It was a good match (as good as can be expected on Sting's end considering his age). Just marred by the ending
  16. Rollins delivered an unexpectedly great match against Sting, and let's not forget the fact that he had a match before against John Cena too. Two 4-5 stars matches on the same night. This guy is amazing.
  17. Seth Rollins is, IMO, the best all-around talent in the WWE. He constantly brings it in the ring. He can make anyone look good because of his skills. He is great on the mic and is good at drawing heel heat. Despite his shitty booking as champion last year, his matches were usually good to great. He started a year with the second best match of 2015 under the WWE umbrella in that amazing Triple Threat match with Cena and Lesnar. He also had an awesome match with Daniel Bryan on RAW for the right to face Roman Reigns at FastLane. He cashed in the MITB briefcase DURING THE MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA! He had an underrated Ladder Match with Dean Ambrose at MITB. His matches with Cena at SummerSlam and Night of Champions, respectively, were great. He also sent Sting out on a high (injury notwithstanding, of course) with a very good match at the aforementioned Night of Champions. If it wasn't for Sasha Banks and John Cena having better years, then he would've been my choice for 2015 Wrestler of the Year.