+ My Top 10 WWE Main Roster Matches & Moments (from the last three years) +

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Okay...so while I've become known around here for basically shitting on everything
the WWE main roster has to offer these days...there was a time when I actually had
more patience for the WWE & followed the main roster product quite intensely.

Now those days are long gone BUT (Allie's Butt) that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed
many matches & moments since I returned to wrestling as a form of entertainment
shortly before the 2016 Royal Rumble.

So...this list is to prove that while I'm now a twisted, bitter & hate filled cynic...I do
have a heart & I can acknowledge when the WWE has entertained me & made me

So...with that introduction out of the way let me count down from 10 to 1 in this...
+ My Top 10 WWE Main Roster Matches & Moments (from the last three years) +

Honorable Mentions:

~ Nurse Dana Brooke...
~ The Ultimate Deletion...
~ The Deleters of Worlds...
~ Heath Slater & Rhyno on SDL...
~ Maryse "Cosplays" as Nikki Bella...
~ Charlotte's Wrestlemania Moonsaults...
~ The Hardy Boyz return at Wrestlemania 33...
~ AJ Styles debuts at the Royal Rumble 2016...
~ The Summerslam 2017 main event...(despite the result)
~ The "Perfect 10" enters at #10 during the 2017 Royal Rumble...
~ Bray Wyatt "helps" Matt Hardy win the ATGMBR at Wrestlemania 34...

10). Jinder Mahal Wins the WWE Championship at Backlash 2017:
Yes...this booking turned out to be basically pointless, Jinder held the title
for far too long & Nakamura was basically ruined in the process...BUT...I still
found the moment of Jinder actually winning the title really cool...despite the
many, MANY close ups of Jinder's body acne.

I think my opinion is based on the fact that the WWE can take someone like
Jinder & push them so stupidly far & fast to the point of it being ridiculous...
and I like that.

If only they did it more often...when the time really called for it.

*Cough* Rusev Day *Cough*

9). nEVILle...King of the Cruiserweights:
While I've never watched an episode of 205 Live I found Neville's heel run as
Cruiserweight Champion fantastic & I honestly enjoyed nearly every match I
witnessed him wrestle during that time with my personal favorite being his battle
with Gentleman Jack Gallagher at Fastlane 2017. Of course Enzo Amore would
come along & derail the entire division...but it was great while it lasted.

8). Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor...the April 30th Edition of RAW 2018:
The best "free to air" televised match I have watched since Goldberg vs. Raven
from the 20th of April edition of Nitro in 1998. It took 20 years...but it was worth
the wait.

Seriously this match was basically flawless & Rollins was literally on fire with
the quality of his matches at this point in time. Shame his Universal title run
wasn't booked the same way

Also...less interviews & Twitter feuds & more wrestling please Seth.

7). Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens...Last Man Standing at the Royal Rumble 2016:
A brutal, jagged, broken diamond of a match that showed both men at their very
best & its possibly Jon Moxley's best ever solo match performance & overall his
best night for the company considering his performance in the rumble that night.

It was shades of Rowdy Piper from the Royal Rumble show from 1992.

6). Bray Wyatt Wins the WWE Championship at (& in the) Elimination Chamber 2017:
I will admit I am a Bray Wyatt fanboy & while I want nothing to do with his
current gimmick...I have always hoped he would get the booking he deserved.
He never really has (especially at Wrestlemania) but this one pay per view was
a truly satisfying event for me. The entire show was excellent (seriously Orton
vs. Harper was the most overlooked match of 2017) & Bray pinning Cena & Styles
back to back to be the final man in the chamber & win the WWE Championship...
it just made me smile. At least it did until Wrestlemania 33 rolled around.

5). Jon Mox...I mean Dean Ambrose Cashes In at Money In The Bank 2016:
It was the one night every member of the Shield held the WWE title & what was so
special about it was the "escalation" of positivity. The WWE went from a Champion
no one wanted (who was about to be suspended for a wellness policy violation) to
the glorious return of Seth Rollins winning the title he never truly lost...to having
Ambrose basically scoring the perfect cash in. It was a great moment...even if the
WWE clearly lost faith in Ambrose shortly afterwards.

4). The 5-on-5 Men's Elimination Match...Survivor Series 2016:
52 minutes & 55 seconds of pure wrestling fun. You had Ellsworth before he became
a total annoyance, Monster Strowman throwing people around, Owens & Jericho running
their mouths in their home country, Ambrose & Styles continuing their feud, Seth Rollins
showcasing his endurance, Orton letting Shane's kids know he was okay after the "Coast
to Coast" spear counter botch, a mini Shield reunion, a Luke Harper cameo & of course the
Wyatt Family standing tall at the end of the match with Bray Wyatt pinning Roman Reigns.

It was SO good & I've watched this match at least 5 or 6 times since I purchased the event
on DVD.

I recommend everyone go back & watch this match because it truly is an incredible train
wreck...and had Baron Corbin been involved instead of Shane McMahon it would have been
even better.

3). Goldberg SQUASHES Lesnar...Survivor Series 2016:

Its not really a match...but a moment. A perfectly booked, classic Goldberg moment
that I found incredibly entertaining...especially when I made it my job to hand out as
many boxes of tissues I could to all the crying Lesnar fan boys. Fucking Awesome.

2). Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte...Last Woman Standing from
Evolution 2018:

And while the WWE ran this feud into the ground...and Becky seems more concerned
with Twitter insults & being called the opposite of her actual gender these days...I can't
help but admit that this match was incredible...and unlike Charlotte vs. Asuka...the right
woman won. This match was hard for me to watch...and I'm glad both women walked
away with no serious injuries.

Also on a side note I actually REALLY enjoyed the entire Evolution pay per view...even
if we didn't get to see Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai.

1). Charlotte vs. Asuka...Wrestlemania 34:
Okay so before you all roll your eyes & accuse me of having a Charlotte body pillow
(which I don't...and you can't prove it!) let me just say the wrong woman won this
match. Asuka should have won & remained undefeated...& if Charlotte was going
over Asuka should have snapped after the match, choked the Queen out & allowed
Carmella to cash in. HOWEVER...I still absolutely adore this match & I have never
really been so personally invested in a wrestling match more than this one. Of course
the constant cutting to John Cena was EXTREMELY annoying but the match itself was
everything I wanted it to be...even despite of the result.

So there you go...my favorite matches & moments from the main roster since I came
back to wrestling & WWE product in 2016. Proof I can be positive about the main roster...
or at least I could be before Survivor Series 2018.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment or two & as always I'll see all you round the traps.

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