My Top 20 Favorite WWE Heels

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Meshuggah, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. My own personal top 20 list of my favorite 20 WWE heels, and why. This is in no particular order btw:

    20. Rick Rude
    Everything you could like about a heel(if that makes sense). Cocky, arrogant, RUDE, but could back it up. He was someone you wanted off your TV screen, but someone you envied to see more of. One of my favorite heels just because he was the first WWE heel, to me, to REALLY get the heat from the crowd.

    19. Daniel Bryan
    Ahh, Daniel Bryan, I remember when he first turned heel, didn't like him much, but he grows on you :yes: Fueled with rage because he didn't get the respect he truly deserved, Daniel Bryan took heel to a whole nother level. Can't really say much else since he kinda became a fan favorite soon after because of his :yes: chant.

    18. CM Punk
    I can't really mention Daniel Bryan's heel turn, without mentioning Punks. Punk being one of my favorite wrestlers, and favorite guys on the mic, you should expect him to be on this list. Punk as a heel was good when he feuded with Jeff, but even better when he created the SES. A man hell bent on creating a perfect drug free world, he took those with drug problems, shaved their heads, and took them under his wing. He was such a good heel, a granny jumped over the rail once and shouted "YOUR THE DEVIL" :pity: He must have been doing something right, eh?

    17. Randy Orton
    Whether it was in Evolution, or as the legend killer, Randy back in the early 2000's just oozed cockiness, and he got the heat that followed. I personally am not a fan of the new Randy, but I was a huge fan back in the legend killer days, because, well, I love my heels, I love those who get booed, and Randy was one of those characters back in the day. Maybe betraying him wasn't such a good idea on HHH's behalf?

    16. JBL
    Ahhh, JBL, what can I say about this man? Probably one of THE best heels in WWE history. Why? Because it was hard not to hate the guy, and thats a heels job. This guy got on my nerves, really bad, but when he left trhe WWE, I was eager for him to make a return(not as a commentator...), in his limo, and his silly cowboy hat, and have money rain down into the arena again, all while reciting his saying "I am a Wrestling GOD". I guess it just goes to show that you don't know what you got till it's gone.

    15. Michael Cole
    "And I Quote!" I bet you didn't expect this doofus on the list, did you? But I have to admit, the guy is a great heel commentator. He is a loser, yes, but I hated the guy, and thats what makes him such a great heel. Some of his comments I can laugh at, others I just want him to shut up, and when you got a guy interrupting superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge, just to read an e-mail from a GM that's not there, you got a true arrogant asshole on your hands.

    14. Rowdy Roddy Piper
    Can I even put this man on here? I mean, I loved the guy, so I don't know if he would classify as a heel or a Tweener, but i'll put him here nonetheless. Rowdy Roddy Piper, the first pipe bomb, if you catch my drift. One of the most loudest, arrogant, and just plain disrespectful guys in the business, and he didn't care who knew it. Amazing wrestler, amazing on the mic, pipers pit, and superfly coconut smash..need I say more?

    13. Bret Hart
    I've always liked Bret Hart regardless, but when he made his heel turn in 1997, and it was him and canada vs the US, I loved him even more, some could say, even obsessed over the guy for awhile. The guy is a true ring master, and knows the art very well. He is great on the mic, and when you got a pissed off, canada defending bret hart, making rude remarks toward the US WWF audience all the time, you got my vote.

    12. Muhammad Hassan
    If I put one guy who insults the US audience, I gotta put another, and that guy is Muhammad Hassan. True, he had a short run in the WWE, but when he was there, he knew how to stir the crowd up, he used the right words at the right time. He always came out at the best times, and said what he needed to say. The crowd didn't like it, but he didn't care, and that was awesome. A guy like him, entering the WWE, and insulting the US, really stirred up some heat with the audience, but hell, I loved the guy, didn't you?

    11. Kane
    While the dead man had his fun as a heel, I always felt Kane got more heat when he did his stuff, even if not, he was a heel in my eyes. Remember the whole Lita/matt/Kane story? Or when Kane was first unmasked, and went on a rampage soon after? Setting trucks on fire, throwing staff down onto tables, and crushing HBK's neck with a steel chair? Yeah, can't have a top 20 heel list without mentioning this guy.

    10. Vince McMahon
    "I didn't screw Bret, Bret screwed Bret" This guy has to be on everyone's top heel list for sure. The guy has taken quite a few for the team to give us good television, like having shit dumped on him, or facing guys like Stone Cold just for our amusement. But the guy is just a dick, he has satan in his eyes, and his voice has always been perfect with his act. Everyone likes to think Steve Austin was the sole guy for the attitude era, but you gotta give Vince some credit for it too. The kiss my ass club? Planting drugs into other peoples stuff? Having guys fired and thrown out on national television? Embarrassing women both physically and verbally for his own amusement and ego? Yeah, if this was an ordered list, he would be number 1.

    9. Shawn Michaels
    Way back when, Shawn Michaels used to be a ruthless heel. He would always have that cocky, yet funny smartass attitude to him, whether or not he was heel or face, but back in the early 90's, when he turned on Marty Jannetty, man was he a dick good after that. Soon after he joined up with HHH and formed DX, which took him to a whole nother level in the WWF.

    8. R Truth
    Now, I know a lot of you may disagree with me on this one, but, this is my own personal opinion, so agree to disagree. R truth was ok when he came back to the WWE, but when he turned heel, and had little jimmy by his side, he got a whole lot more interesting to watch. Okay, maybe he was more laughed at, than hated, but still, being a heel was his main concern, and he pulled it off well. This was the time of the pipe bomb promo, and when things in the WWE started to change and take off, and R truths heel turned I honestly believe helped that a lot, it made it a bit more interesting to watch. Of course, it got annoying after awhile, but at first, it was pure genius.

    7. Eric Bischoff
    Oh this guy..I loved eric bischoff. Loved him in WCW, loved him in WWE, and love him in TNA. But when he joined hands with Vince and walked onto the Raw stage for the first time, it was shocking. Eric not only became GM of Raw, but he became, imo, the best GM in WWE history, solely because of how he was, how he talked, and how he walked the walk. The guy is a genius, it's true, and he knows how to get a crowd to hate him. I certainly hated the guy at first, but like Daniel Bryan, he just grew on me, and it was sad to see him leave, because he made for great television when he was around.

    6. Brock Lesnar
    This guy is a true beast in the ring. When Paul Heyman first brought him in, he was one of the best damn heels at the time. The crowd soon grew to love him, because of his pure skill in the ring, his speed, and his titan like strength, but his personality and attitude spewed hatred. Remember him throwing Zach Gowen down a flight of stairs, when he was in a WHEELCHAIR!? This guys really a monster, always has been, and always will be. There is very few guys his size, if any, who can match speed, strength, and wrestling ability all in one like he does in the ring. Plus, the guy was in the NFL, and UFC, is he really a guy you would wanna mess with? Plus, he's married to the gal in my avatar, so he's a boss. :otunga:

    5. Paul Heyman
    Oh yeah, you saw this one coming. If I put a commentator, and a GM in my list, I gotta put the greatest heel manager of all time, Paul Heyman in here too. Paul Heyman has brought some of the BEST talent into the WWE, from Lesnar, to Punk, to Heidenrich(who I was sad to see go..).
    But paul heyman didn't just bring the best wrestlers, he brought himself into the WWE atmosphere, and he did it with an iron fist. One of the best guys on the mic today, Paul Heyman knows how to spew it, and he spews it a lot. I mean, he still hasn't lost his A game, look at him now in the WWE, still the same paul heyman he's always been, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

    4. Chris Jericho
    Haha, Chris Jericho, if theres ever a mouth as loud as his and an ego as large as his in the WWE, it's rare to find. Chris Jericho, the best in the world? Perhaps, but the best heel in the world? He's right up there for sure. This guy knew how to piss people off, and all he needed was a mic, his goofy haircut pissed people off, but when you put a mic into this mans hand, it turns into a whole different story. But don't take anything away from this man, he's one of the best damn talent in the ring, always has been, and still is today.

    3. Heidenreich
    Talk about some of the beasts Paul Heyman has brought in, huh? I named off two Paul heyman guys, heres another that left way too soon. Before he became a dancing, poetry writing ninny(in other words, before WWE got to him)he was a lethal powerhouse, and a mean SOB. I remember that one time where he hit some kid in the audience, or the time when he was about to jump off the fist of SD, yeah, great heel, truly insane. Loved his feud with Taker, though. Wish he could have stayed longer, but oh well, sometimes good talent is just let go...

    2. John Cena
    Dr. Thugonamics himself. Thought I would add him to the list, since he had a great heel act when he first came into the WWE, and DID get over with the crowd. Sad it had to go, but it would have gotten him nowhere if he stayed like that for too long...hopefully one day we can see this side of him again, who knows, WWE works in mysterious ways.

    1. Dudley Boyz
    Thought I would add these guys to top off my list. The Dudley Boyz were a great team, and their finishing move, 3-D, made them even more amazing to watch on television. They had that bully feel to them, they wanted to make a statement in WWE, and they did. Their even doing better in TNA, but this is a WWE list, so let's keep it short and sweet, they were one of my all time favorite tag teams of the WWE, next to Road Warriors, Evolution, and DX.

    Thanks for reading, I know I left A LOT of great heels out of this list, but this is only a top 20, it was hard enough trying to choose between my favorites. But there it is, reply with your opinions below, but don't start an argument, this is all opinion, remember that. If you disagree with my list, then we can just agree to disagree, nothing more.

    I will prob be making a top 20 Face/Tweeners list here soon, so be ready for that.

    Meshuggah out.
  2. No Triple H, circa 2000?
  3. Well, like I pointed out, it was a hard list. HHH is def up there, but I wouldn't put him in this list because i've never really been a HHH guy, just pure opinion, that's all.
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