My top matches of all-time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by totes, Jul 4, 2016.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd share my favourite matches, and then (more importantly) those that I consider the greatest of all-time.. hopefully this will generate some discussion..


    My favourite ever is the Royal Rumble 2001..

    .. I love (in order) the Royal Rumble '01.. TLC IV.. Team WWF vs Team Alliance.. Austin vs HHH (NWO).. Elimination Chamber '02.. Austin vs Angle (SS).. HHH vs Michaels (SS).. the Michaels vs Angle trilogy (see below).. Zayn vs Nakamura (NXT DT).. 6 Man Hell in a Hell.. Rock vs Angle (NWO).. the Angle vs Benoit trilogy (see below).. 'Taker vs HHH (WM 28).. Rock vs HHH vs Angle (SS).. SD EC '11.. HHH vs Angle (RR).. the Michaels vs Hart classics (see below).. and many more of my 'greatest' matches below..

    .. and I love Steamboat vs Savage (WM III), and I appreciate why it was great for its time..


    When I judge what the 'greatest' matches are to me, I'm talking visceral greatness.. the ones I watch and literally find myself on the edge of my seat for.. of course, storyline, build-up, significance and innovation play a role in it.. but I'm mostly looking at how great I find the match itself, from the moment the Superstars step into the ring.. so, for example, as important and historic as Hogan vs Angle (WM III) was, to be honest I find it a snoozefest as it's actually playing..

    Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker at WM 25.. The Undertaker vs Triple H at WM 28.. The Rock vs Steve Austin at WM 17.. and Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle at WM 21.. to me, these four are the very best.. it doesn't mean I like them the most at all, but these four have a special awe in my book..

    .. then (in no particular order) Michaels vs Jericho at WM 19.. Michaels vs Undertaker at WM 26.. Rock vs Austin at WM 19.. Rock vs Angle at NWO '01.. Team WWF vs Team Alliance at Survivor '01.. Angle vs Benoit at RR '03.. Austin vs HHH at NWO '01.. Michaels vs Angle at Vengeance '05.. HHH vs Michaels at SS '02.. Austin vs Angle at SS '01.. Michaels vs Hart at WM 12.. TLC II at WM 17.. Rock vs Jericho at NM '01.. Angle vs Lesnar at WM 19.. Rock vs HHH at JD '00.. Michaels vs Benoit vs HHH at WM XX.. Michaels vs Angle at RH '05.. 6 Man Hell in a Cell at Armageddon '00.. Angle vs Lesnar on SmackDown (9/18/03).. Elimination Chamber '02.. Rock vs HHH vs Angle at SS '00.. Angle vs Rock vs Undertaker at Vengeance '02.. Lesnar vs Guerrero at NWO '04.. Edge & Mysterio vs Angle & Benoit at NM '02.. Zayn vs Nakamura at NXT DT '16.. and TLC IV on RAW (10/7/02).. I consider these ***** matches..

    .. then (in no particular order) Michaels vs Flair at WM 24.. Undertaker vs HHH at WM 27.. Hart vs Bulldog at SS '92.. Hart vs Hart at WM X.. Angle vs Undertaker at NWO '06.. Flair vs Steamboat at COTC VI.. Rock vs Hogan at WM X8.. Team Austin vs Team Bischoff at Survivor '03.. Undertaker vs Punk at WM 29.. Angle vs Benoit at Backlash '01.. HHH vs Jericho at FL '00.. HHH vs Cactus Jack at RR '00.. TLC I at SS '00.. Rock vs Jericho at RR '02.. Angle vs Lesnar at SS '03.. Orton vs Christian at OTL '11.. Michaels vs Hart at Survivor '92.. Austin vs RVD vs Angle at NM '01.. Michaels vs Bulldog at KOTR '96.. Punk vs Lesnar at SS '13.. Jericho vs Benoit at SS '00.. Michaels vs Cena on RAW (4/23/07).. HHH vs Michaels at BB '04.. Punk vs Jericho at Payback '13.. Michaels vs McMahon at WM 22.. Angle vs Benoit at WM 17.. JBL vs Guerrero at JD '04.. HHH vs Michaels at RR '04.. Team RAW vs Team SmackDown at Survivor '05.. Benoit vs Regal at NM '06.. HHH vs Angle at RR '01.. Orton vs Foley at Backlash '04.. Angle vs Kane at WM X8.. Royal Rumble '01.. Jericho vs Mysterio at TB '09.. Batista vs HHH at Vengeance '05.. SmackDown Elimination Chamber '11.. Elimination Chamber '05.. and Michaels vs Benjamin on RAW (5/2/05)..

    Please let me know what you think of picks, whether you agree or disagree.. maybe you think I'm missing some, in which case let me know.. it could be that I haven't seen it, or it could lead to some great debates..

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