My video views/subscribers, updated daily.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Will update this thread when i get higher views etc.
  2. RE: Videos are doing great right?

    Both replies junked. Anymore flame wars and I'll take action.

    On-topic: Nice amount of views there :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. RE: Videos are doing great right?

  4. What the fuck Crayo?
    I only said they don't add up.
  5. I think he meant me, please don't start another thing now.
  6. @[Jonathan] only removed yours because it provoked a response. Just want to keep things calm that's all darling :heart:
  7. Very jelly! :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Lol Crayo this guy can get alot of traffic to this site from his youtube,

    I am indeed jelly.
  9. Someone persuade him to upload WWE stuff! :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. I'd but I don't wanna risk my channel getting copyrighted and besides it wouldn't make sense to have WWE videos on a gaming channel.
  11. Maybe a "WWEForums advertisement" video?

    Like "Passionate WWE Fan? Would you like to discuss the recent WWE happenings? Or would you like to download WWE Shows/PPVs that you've missed? For all the discussions and video go to

    I mean you don't have to upload WWE videos, a video advertisement about this site would just do it. Like it wouldn't hurt to go off-topic for just one video on a gaming channel.

    But i don't decide things you are the boss on your channel and everything i said above was just a suggestion mate, your call.
  12. @[Zamorakian], Give me a link to the WWEForums advertisement video.
  13. Umm we use this as an intro for our videos:

    I don't know maybe it can be used for advertising too.
  14. Or you could use this one .
  15. I used that one.

    PS. 2 people referred already!:tongue:

    /edit make that 5.
  16. You have made a great impact on this forum, already five or more users has registered because of you but which smart guy did persuade you?
  17. you?

    15 referrals just today and possible more later on.
  18. Check out my Channel I have some decent amount of views as I make highlight videos of WWE PPVs and I got 9 subscribers so far.
  19. Incredible man. +5'd you because of your effort :emoji_heart:.