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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Had to link to this article as this is the store I work at!
  2. Were you there when it happened?
  3. Yes I was actually was the manager i charge. Had noticed the lads come in and go straight to the toilets so was about to go in and see what was going on as we get a fair bit of trouble with youths where I am as not a great area. So yeah me and my mate Curt my fellow manager were about to go see what was going on when to cops came running in ran into the toilets dropped them both to the floor and made the arrest.

    Caused massive issues at work though with it hitting the press tbh as had many customers ringing to ask about it etc and it was also tweeted by the police which started a backlash of ppl saying they would never come into our store again.
  4. Wow, that's an interesting day haha.
  5. Yup! My town having a bad time at the minute lots of unemployment etc do incidents like this are becoming quite common in the town centre.
  6. Honestly I don't know why anyone would associate themselves with drugs.
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  7. I used to think the same bu as I mentioned unemployment is rife atm so these lads probs thought it was the best way to earn some money as they probs thought they weren't going to get work at 16.

    I've seen how hard it is for ppl as I supported my nephew for sim months when he couldn't find work so it'[s a difficult time.
  8. I agree I'm 19, and I'm trying to find work. At the moment I'm skipping from job to job because people can't afford to keep people on.

    The danger aspect of the drugs can't be too nice either, with them only been 15 anyone could of done something to them.
  9. Yeah the danger aspect is crazy fortunately we haven't hit the lowest points yet where there is a massive amount of violence over things like this yet which is good and I hope it doesn't come to that as it's a great little town I live in just having a bad patch!
  10. I suppose you're right in a way, when I was 15 I was selling items on eBay. :dawg:
  11. LOLS not quite the same, least u has the common sense and tried doing something legally!
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