WrestleMania My Wrestle Mania 29 Card

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  1. WWE Title
    The Rock vs John Cena

    World Heavyweight Title
    Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger
    (Ziggler cashes in and beats Swagger after he wins)

    CM Punk vs The Undertaker

    Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

    The Shield vs Randy Orton The Big Show Chris Jericho

    Intercontinental Championship
    Wade Barret vs Sheamus

    United States Championship
    Antonio Cessaro vs The Miz

    Divas Championship
    Kaitlynn vs AJ Lee

    Fatal four Way Tag team championship
    Team Hell No (Kane/Daniel Bryan) vs Prime Time Players vs Epico & Primo vs Brodus Clay and Tensai

    Ryback vs Mark Henry

    Damian Sandow vs R-Truth

    Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston
  2. 13 matches? Maybe if it was one of the older cards like WM5 or WM6 (those events ran like five hours or so because of trying to put everybody on the card, watching the unedited VHS tapes were brutal) but I think the limit now is pretty much eight. Nine at the very most.

    WWE Championship: The Rock vs John Cena
    Non Sanctioned Match: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    The Undertaker vs CM Punk
    World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
    The Shield vs Ryback/Sheamus/Randy Orton

    Kane and Bryan will either lose the tag titles or split up before than and face at the event, they'll throw everyone else in some gigantic ten/twelve man tag team match just to get everyone on the card, and we'll get a barely-anyone-cares-about-it diva's match. Meh. It's the first five matches that I'm mainly interested in (and whether Ziggler finally cashes in or not.)
  3. Why do so many people have Ziggler cashing in on Swagger when there is a perfectly capable face champion for him to cash in on?
  4. Yeah, I think ADR will retain and Dolph will cash in on him.
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