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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Dec 8, 2015.

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    Fuck them. I know their product has been awful lately, but it's so bad now that I can't take it and have no interest in watching shit anymore. Like for real. I love wrestling, but I can't take it anymore. The royal rumble and Mania have a lot of reedeming to do, and good luck doing so as they've lost stars and didn't build enough.

    They've fucked themselves and there's no creativity. Fuck sheamus, the authority, roman reigns, and all of it. It's straight shit.
  2. it is frustrating. The good news is Brock Lesnar is coming back though. Lesnar makes everything so much better.
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  3. Brock coming back will be nice. I hope that he just takes the title back and kills everyone in a "Brock takes on all of raw match" for the title
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  4. Lesnar has really become the brightest spot they possibly have. It'll be interesting to see what they do when he comes back.
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  5. I don't have the Network BECAUSE FUCK YOUR 9.99, I'LL WATCH IT FOR JUST FREE.99 :rollins3:, but if I did, I wouldn't cancel my subscription only because of NXT.

    And LOL at people giving up on wrestling in general the moment WWE (the main roster) starts putting out garbage. There are OTHER wrestling promotions out there. WWE ain't the only one, thankfully.

    See: NXT, Lucha Underground, ROH, NJPW, PROGRESS, PWG, etc.
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    :lol1: at Angry Prince. Marked.

    To be fair following the indies doesn't work for everyone. Never could get into much, still trying to get through Survival of the Fittest even though what I've seen is pretty good. Maybe just watching the weekly TV will help, and get the small one-hour doses before this intimidating ass 3 hour block of wrestling?

    Can't wrap my head around how pro wrestling has been around for arguably a hundred years with no Lucha Underground in it. No way. It's a struggle getting through these last few months without it :emoji_slight_frown:
    It's like listening to Dubstep then discovering meth. From what I hear.

    Anyway yeah, Hulu will give you NXT and 90 minute Raw to go with almost any other show on TV for 7.99. Fuck your network lol
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  7. I haven't even been able to skim through all of this Monday's Raw yet. The vast number of shitty, boring shows is really starting to weigh on my psyche, and I'm usually the kind of hardened fan who will continue to persistently watch the show no matter how bad it can sometimes get. I've been watching since late '96 and have only ever really had one hiatus from wrestling within that time. I'm honestly thinking that sticking to WWE/Youtube's "Top 10 Raw Moments" until the Royal Rumble is near would be better for my mental health.

    Still, 99% of the reason I ever have a Network subscription is more for the old content than the new, so the state of the current product wouldn't be enough cause for me to unsubscribe anyway.
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  8. On demand has made the smaller promotions 100xs easier to access. It was next to impossible to keep up with a lot of products, unless you were comfortable with getting your fill through paragraphs of text. Or you know, shelling out 10-20$ every other month for DVDs that are a couple months behind. I mean, there was torrent sites. But that's like the scummiest method. If they offer an on demand service, get it. They're usually cheaper than the WWENetwork anyways. Just don't stoop to torrents. Unless it is the WWE, because you know, double standards.

    WWE sucks right now, main roster wise. It's a reflection on themselves though, they can't use the same formula and expect people to take it. They aren't the only company on the field anymore, and more and more people are figuring it out. Especially when they're seeing Lucha Underground & ROH ads between their breaks. Not to mention the NFL. Right now is the easiest time to turn away from the WWE, and we're definitely seeing that. Does the WWE care, though? Probably not. They can get a 2.2 rating and still rake in money.

    If they don't care, why should we? As long as the trend continues of people finding other outlets the friction will catch up to them. Sooner or later.
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  9. Me too. I love watching old wrestling and that's definitely why I'll stick with the network subscription regardless of how bad the current product is.
  10. Basically I just don't want to support their shitty company anymore. They suck and keep trying to appease the backstage politics, not the fans. I'm like just done. Lol
  11. Get into Lucha Underground, pronto.
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