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  1. I am starting this creative storyline from the 1st Raw show of 2013. So please, I would really like to ask for a feedback and write down your personal opinions on the shows, segments, matches. And also I really appreciate if you can come up with ideas. Anyhow, I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. I don't really need to explain what the rosters are, and who the champions are. I am using the current day roster and the current day champions. So, let's get ready to rumble!

    WWE Raw: 1/7/13

    We kick off the Raw show with the usual opening theme song. Right after that we see the backstage area, and a limousine is driving toward the parking lot. The limousine stops in front of the camera, and out from the door comes out CM Punk. We hear lots of boos from the fans. He smirks at the camera and walks to the building with a proud and somewhat smiling look on his face. He holds in his arms the WWE Championship. Paul Heyman stands walk right behind him.


    As we head on back to the ring, we hear The Rock's music playing. The fans goes insane and start chanting 'Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!' The Rock comes out wearing the usual 'boots to asses' t-shirt, and sport pants. He walks toward the ring, and as soon as he enters the ring, the music cuts off and CM Punk's music plays. The Rock looks at the titantron, and seems to be annoyed. CM Punk and Paul Heyman come out and slowly enter the ring. Punk asks for a microphone, and so does The Great One.

    CM Punk: "Before you go and start talking about how you are going to beat me and all that, let me tell you something, and I really hope you'll realise what you are up against..."

    The Rock puts his hand in front of Punk's face. The crowd cheers this act.

    Rock: "Finally the Rock has come back to... Salt Lake City!"

    The crowd cheers, but Punk seems to be angry and pushes of the hand. The Rock calmly looks at him.

    Rock: "What's your problem, Punk? You don't want The Rock to tell the whole world, what a lame ass person you are? You don't want The Rock to tell the millions..."

    Crowd screams: "... and millions!"

    Rock: "... of the Rock's fans, that I will whoop your monkey ass at the Royal Rumble?"

    Punk looks around and laughs it off.

    Punk: "I'm trying really hard right now not to kick you in the skull. You seem to be tempting my patience, Rock, so I will let you carry on with this 'schtick' you are doing right now. You show me a lot of disrespect, just like you showed me disrespect at the 1000th Raw episode. For you, 'Great One', the only person that matters is yourself. You wouldn't dare to praise someone, who works his ass for this company, just like you did in the past. All you do coming out here, having this talks about kicking that guy's ass, trending worldwide, and all of that stuff. But in reality, it doesn't matter. Because, in the real world, I'd beat the hell out of you."

    Rock looks at Punk and looks at the crowd that are booing.

    Punk: "Yeah, go ahead, Rock. Ask the crowd for the unimportant opinion, because it really is irrelevant to me. I find it amusing that you care so much for a bunch of fans, who will sell you out for a 100 bucks. But, go ahead, Rock, start trending worldwide, and begging the WWE Universe for one more minute of relevancy."

    Rock: "So you think The Rock is all about the trends, and tweets, and all that?"

    Punk: "I didn't see you do anything else while you were confronting your good buddy, John Cena."

    Rock: "You are badly mistaken, Punk. The Rock doesn't need the trends, because The Rock is a trend! And you tell me I disrespected you? Why? Because I was talking to that goat faced freak? Because I didn't put my focus on you? Punk, I am focusing on you right now. And all I see is a coward, who uses cheating ways to get what he wants. Yeah, Punk, you're the champ. But, you will never, EVER, be the Best in the World. You must..."

    Punk: "Hold on, Rock. Is that going to be another lecture about how I am nowhere near as guys like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, and Steve Austin? Seriously, are you guys repeating the same thing over and over? As I said, I am better than all three of them, and I am certainly am better than you. I don't take shortcuts by kissing Mr. McMahon's ass to get a title shot. I don't waste my time talking about trending, and being a complete corporate tool. Yeah, Rock, that's what you are to me, a corporate tool. And than someone like you dares to lecture me about shortcuts?"

    Paul Heyman smiles behind Punk, as we here some people in the audience chant: "CM Punk! CM Punk!", but most of the audience still boo.

    Rock: "Listen to me very carefully, Punk. You have no idea what is going to happen in the Royal Rumble. You have NO idea. I was putting asses on seats, when you were still trying to hit puberty, bitch!"

    The crowd cheers and laughs at Punk. Punk angrily looks at Heyman. Heyman whispers something to his ear. Punk turns back to The Rock.

    Punk: "Fine, Rock, just fine. See you in the Royal Rumble, Dwayne..."

    Punk throws the microphone on the ground and his music plays. The Rock just looks at them as they slowly walk up the ramp. Punk raises the WWE Championship high up in the air, and screams: "You won't be getting this! I am the 'best in the world'! You'll have to kiss my ass to get this!" Paul Heyman stands next to him and laughs.

    Commercial Break

    After the commercial we are set to have our first match of the night:

    Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players

    Winners: Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan pinned Titus O'Neil after Kane gave him a chokeslam.

    Time: 04:50.

    After the match we see John Cena standing backstage playing with his mobile phone, as he suddenly sees The Rock. Cena approaches The Rock and shakes hands with him.

    Cena: "Good to see you again."

    Rock: "It's good to see you too."

    Cena: "Good luck at the Royal Rumble."

    Rock: "Thanks."

    Cena: "Don't forget that I am going to be in the Royal Rumble match. So, in case, you'll become a champion untill WrestleMania, you'll know what is coming toward you."

    Rock: "I appreciate the honesty, Cena. But the last time I checked, I was the one standing in the middle of the ring as the winner at our WrestleMania match."

    Rock walks off and Cena just looks at him just nodding his head.

    R-Truth (w/ Little Jimmy) vs Antonio Cesaro

    Winner: Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.

    Time: 09:30.

    After the match we see R-Truth laying on the ground. We suddenly hear Slater's music, as he, Drew McIntry and Jinder Mahal run into the ring. The three men surround R-Truth. R-Truth slowly gets up, and quickly gets taken down by a flurry of punches by the three men. Slater goes out of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets back into the ring, as McIntyre and Mahal hold R-Truth. He measures up R-Truth and gives him a brutal chair shot to the head. R-Truth falls to the ground, and the three guys stand next to R-Truth's body. Slater's music begins to play, as the three decide to do 'rock and roll' pose.

    We had backstage to see Mr. McMahon and Triple H in the office.

    HHH: "Look, Vince. I know you did your best to carry this company to greatness..."

    Vince: "I know what you are going to say, and no. I am not giving up yet. I've got a lot to give. I know I have a lot to give."

    HHH: "I know that you have a lot more to give, but it's time for a change. It's not the same anymore, you know. With CM Punk running the show, and with no man being able to stop him, we got a problem. Even you couldn't stop him."

    Vince looks at Triple H with an angry expression.

    Vince: "So what?! What does it matter? I still provide this show the best content possible. And trust me, no one runs this show without my O.K."

    Triple H puts his hand on Vince's shoulder.

    HHH: "All I am saying is that you need a time off. A vacation would be good for you. Think about it."

    Vince McMahon thoughtfully looks at Triple H, as the screen fades away.

    Rey Mysterio vs Big Show

    Winner: Big Show, via count out (after knocking out Mysterio outside the ring).

    Time: 11:00.

    Randy Orton runs down the ramp and goes to check out Rey Mysterio. He looks into Big Show's eyes. Big Show just smiles and slowly goes back to the locker room. Randy Orton and the medics help to get Mysterio on the stretcher.

    Commercial Break

    As we go back from commercials, we see Mysterio getting into the ambulance. Randy Orton sees the ambulance driving off the parking lot. As soon as he turns around, he gets attacked by Big Show. Big Show throws him into the wall, and than picks up a trash can and throws it onto Orton. Orton lays on the ground feeling the pain in his back. Big Show puts his arm around Randy Orton's neck.

    Big Show: "We've got a score to settle, boy."

    Big Show let's go of Randy Orton's neck, and the referees appear. They all stand next Orton and few of them are telling Big Show to back off. Big show just smiles and walks off.

    CM Punk vs Sheamus

    We head back to the ring, and we once again hear CM Punk's music. This time CM Punk is set to face Sheamus in a 'Champion vs Champion' match. Punk calmly walks to the ring, as once again, Paul Heyman walks behind him, carrying the WWE Championship. Punk looks at the crowd and screams: "THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" He walks to the ring, as the crowd boos his, and just stands there jumping in the ring, waiting impatiently for his next opponent.

    Sheamus' music starts to play, and he comes out as the crowd cheers him. He looks at the crowd and than gives three slaps to his chest. He enters the ring and raises up the World Heavyweight Championship. CM Punk screams: "It means nothing! The real championship around here, is my WWE Championship! Your belt means nothing!" Sheamus takes off his shirt and throws it to the crowd.

    Both men lock up with each other, and we quickly see the strength advantage of Sheamus, as he just pushes Punk away. Punk looks at Heyman, and than gets up. Once again Punk goes to lock up his arms with Sheamus, but yet again Sheamus pushes him away. This time Punk went back first into the turnbuckles. Punk looks at Heyman again. Sheamus decides not to way and goes for an attack, but Punk kicks him in the gut and sidesteps him. Sheamus feels the pain, but decides to shrug it off. Punk smile, and than runs for an attack, but gets clotheslined out of his boots.

    Sheamus picks him up from the ground and starts punching Punk in the face. Heyman looks nervous, as Punk keeps getting huge fists to the face. Sheamus throws him to the ropes, but Punk stops at the ropes and gets out of the ring. Paul Heyman quickly comes to Punk and whispers something to his ears. Punk looks at Heyman and smiles, but than turns his eye sight toward Sheamus and his look becomes serious. Punk gets into the ring, and Sheamus once again goes for an attack, but this time Punk countered it with a perfect kick to the jaw. Sheamus falls on the ground and Punk quickly grabs his arm, and starts to wrench it. Sheamus feels the pain, and the referee checks him.

    Punk keeps the arm wrench locked in, but Sheamus tries to get free. He succeeds to free himself, as he pushes Punk away with a huge blow to the stomach. Sheamus gets up, but gets a huge knee to the face, that staggers him and makes him fall on the ground. Punk picks Sheamus from the mat and suplexes him. Punk stands and looks at the crowd, and screams: "I'm the best in the world!" The crowd responds with boos. Punk smiles and starts kicking Sheamus' back. Punk locks Sheamus in a sleeper hold. The referee once again steps in to check Sheamus. Punk hits his knees on the back of Sheamus, and once again locks him in the sleeper. Sheamus face turns red, as he slowly fades away.

    The ref decides to check Sheamus, but Sheamus fight out of it, and stands up. He gives free elbow shots to Punk's chest, and knocks him down with a clothesline. Sheamus picks up Punk, and hits Punk with a back breaker. Punk rolls up in the ring feeling the pain in his back, but Sheamus stays on the attack and picks up Punk again. He pushes Punk to the turnbuckles, and gets on top of Punk, punching him away, as the crowd counts every fist. Sheamus gets back down from Punk, and Punk falls on the ground dazed. Paul Heyman is screaming for Punk to get up, and fight back. Sheamus picks Punk again, but gets greeted with a sweet kick to the back of the head. Punk and Sheamus both lay on the mat. Heyman looks at Punk with worry in his eyes.

    CM Punk slowly gets up, and gives a kick to Sheamus chest. Punk locks anaconda vise on Sheamus. Sheamus feels the pain from that hold, but tries to get to the rope. But as soon as he was close to the ropes, Punk started to punch him in the face. Punk picked up Sheamus and pushed him to the outside. Sheamus lands back first to the ground. Punk looks at Heyman and gives him a nod. Heyman runs toward the time keeper's corner, and grabs the WWE Championship belt. He stands behind Sheamus' waiting for him to turn around. Sheamus turns around and gets hit with the belt straight to his face. The referee stops the match, and Punk applauds to Heyman. Heyman smiles and walks to the ring, and gives the belt to CM Punk.

    The Rock's music plays, and both Heyman and Punk look at the titantron. Rock runs toward the ring, and goes to attack CM Punk. Punk quickly gets out of the ring, but Heyman wasn't so quick. The Rock grabs Heyman and looks at Punk. Punk tries to reason with The Rock, but instead Heyman gets hit with a Rock Bottom. The Rock gets back up and looks at CM Punk, who's holding is head in disbelief. The Rock motioning that he will become the next WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble.

    The show ends with CM Punk embracing the belt closer to him, as he looks at Paul Heyman laying on the mat. The Rock meanwhile looks at the crowd, and listens to them chanting: "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"

    That's all for now. Will be more later on today! Please leave me feedback on this 1st show...


    WWE SmackDown 11/1/13

    We see the show theme song, and right after that we see the whole arena. We hear Lilian Garcia announcing that tonight there will be a special guest on the show. And she also tells the audience to welcome Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. We hear Alberto Del Rio's music start to play, as Ricardo Rodriguez announces his arrival. Alberto Del Rio came out with a new car, the 2013 model Acura TL. Alberto Del Rio parks the car next to the ramp, and comes out looking at the audience. He was wearing a suit and he confidently made his way to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez smiles to him seeing his 'owner' coming to the ring. Del Rio enters the ring, and tries to ignore those boos he is getting from the crowd. He takes the microphone from Ricardo, and looks at the audience. The music stops playing, as Del Rio has something to say.

    ADR: My name is Alberto Del Rio!

    Crowd boos.

    ADR: But you already know that. I came here tonight to tell all off you, campesinos, that I am going to be the one victorious at the Royal Rumble. Just like I did it in 2011, I can do it again this year. And this time, there is no Edge around to stop me from winning at WrestleMania. I know...

    He gets interrupted, because Daniel Bryan's music is playing. Daniel Bryan comes out and looks at the audience. They start to chant 'yes!', and it makes Bryan angry as he starts to shout: "No! No! No!" as he walks down the ramp. He has the tag team championship on his waist, and he enters the ring. He asks for a microphone. "I'm the tag team champions!!!!!" He raises the belt high in the air. He quickly turns his attention to the crowd again, and starts yelling: "No! No! No!" to the microphone. Alberto Del Rio just stands there and looks at him. The music stops playing, but Daniel Bryan keeps arguing with the fans.

    ADR: Are you done, retrasar?

    Daniel Bryan looks at Del Rio. He looks at him with a confused look.

    Bryan: I heard you said that you are going to be the winner of the Royal Rumble match? Is that correct?

    ADR: Yes, I have full confidence....

    Bryan starts to shout: "No! No! No!" while walking around Del Rio.

    ADR: You actually think, that someone mentally ill like you can win a man of my prestige at the Royal Rumble?

    Bryan stops from shouting and freezes in his place.

    Bryan: Did you just say that I am mentally ill?! DID I JUST HEAR THE WORDS 'MENTALLY ILL'?! You know... You know... NO!... You know that I was a better World Heavyweight champion than you? I was better World Champion! I was better World Champion! I am THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Bryan once again raises the tag team championship in the air. Del Rio just looks at him.

    Bryan: You dare to say to my face all those words... No!... And you thing I will just let you say them without paying any consequences?

    Bryan laughs for a bit.

    Bryan: I will see you later on tonight, Alberto. And I will make sure you will get kicked in the face.

    Bryan's music plays, but Del Rio stops Bryan from walking away.

    ADR: I got no problem facing you, after all, I need to get prepared for the Royal Rumble match. And you are a great sparring partner, aren't you? Let's face it, Bryan, you are nowhere as my level. The only thing you are good at, is being the Tag Team champion. See you later on tonight, retrasar.

    Del Rio walks out of the ring as his music plays. Bryan is left in the ring with an angry, yet still confused look in his eyes. He looks at the crowd.

    Commercial break

    As we get back from commercial, we are set for the match of the night.

    Santino Marella vs The Miz

    Winner: The Miz via pinfall after the 'Skull Crushing Finale'.

    Time: 03:00.

    The Miz doesn't leave the ring, and looks at the crowd. He asks for the microphone, and also for his Intercontinental belt. He looks at the audience.

    Miz: Really? Really? Is that what a man like me deserves? To fight a whimpy italian? Really? I am the most must see champion, but look at me, I just faced someone who isn't even in the same boot rank as I am. I repeat again so all of you understand: I am the Intercontinental champion. I don't need to face guys, who aren't on my level. I want real challenge. I want to face only guys worthy of facing me.

    Cody Rhodes' music starts to play, and The Miz seems to be confused by it. Cody stands in the titantron with a microphone in his hand. He looks at the crowd, who boo him.

    Cody: Miz, Miz, Miz... Words cannot describe how much I admire your personality and honesty. But I also came here to tell you, that if you look for a challenge, you can look no further. I am the better man for you. I mean, I've done a lot. I've actually held that same belt you are holding right now, which makes me the perfect fit. You see I admire guys like you, Miz. But sometimes I ask myself: "Does The Miz deserve to carry this belt any longer?"

    The crowd cheer. The Miz looks at the audience angrily.

    Cody: Yes he does. But, I am also worthy of a chance of once again becoming the Intercontinental champion. And quite honestly, I'm not doing this for (points at the crowd). I'm doing this for me.

    The crowd boos once again.

    The Miz: I thank the kind words, but I surely don't appreciate you interrupting me while I'm talking. I am the most must see champion. How many people can say in this company that they've beaten John Cena? How many people can say that?

    Damien Sandow's music plays, and The Miz seems very angry this time. Sandow comes out with the robe on, and he looks directly at The Miz. He stops the music by raising his left hand.

    Sandow: CM Punk, The Rock, Randy Orton, The Undertaker... Do I really need to go on with this list?

    Cody Rhodes looks at him with a confused look.

    Sandow: Don't worry, Cody. I too believe that I should be the one challenging this person for a wrestling match for that very title. I mean, for the short of me being here, I made quite an impact. Now I think that impact deserves it's fair chance for the Intercontinental title.

    Miz: What? Who did you beat so far to gain a chance at me? Guys like Zack Ryder? You are the same person got thrown out of the ring by DX. Do you seriously think you are worthy of facing me?

    Sandow: I am worthy, because I have a sophisticated mind. I deserve this title shot, because I have the mind and the soul of a leader.

    Cody: I thought we talked about this in the back. I thought we agreed on me taking the title shot. Why are you even here?

    Sandow: Yes, we did agree in our little chit-chat, but I've decided to step up and challenge this man for a match for that belt.

    The crowd seems to be amused by this all. Cody Rhodes look aside.

    Miz: You know what boys? I've got an idea. Because I always have good ideas. My idea is...

    Sandow: Your idea is to make a match for tonight. Me and Cody Rhodes face each other to decide who will become your number one contender.

    Miz: Now you became a mind reader? Only one of you two will get the title show. But, remember one thing. I will STILL defeat both of you on any given night, because I'm The Miz... And I'm.... AWESOME!

    Commercial break

    Ryback vs Wade Barrett

    Winner: Ryback via pinfall.

    Time: 06:55

    After the match Ryback is still in the ring celebrating his victory, but Wade Barrett rolls to the outside, and grabs a chair. Ryback is still having is back turned in front of Barrett, who gives him a chair shot to the back. Ryback staggers and falls on one knee, and Barrett gives another chair shot to Ryback's back, this time making Ryback fall on all fours. Barrett gives one last chair shot which makes Ryback land face first into the mat. Barrett stands next to Ryback, and he smiles.

    Barrett's music starts to play as he holds the chair, which is completely bent after those brutal chair shots. Ryback comes closer to the ropes, and shows an angry stare at Barrett.

    After the match we see Big Show walking backstage, he walks next to Kofi Kingston. Big Show looks at him for a moment, and just decides to continue walking.

    Kofi: Stop.

    Big Show turns around to Kofi and Kofi stands right in front of him.

    Kofi: I saw what you did to Rey Mysterio on Raw. That was uncalled for.

    Big Show: And what are you going to do about it?

    Kofi: I already did. Tonight in the main event of SmackDown, it's going to be Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show.

    Big Shows smiles and laughs.

    Big Show: You actually believe you stand a chance against me? Bring it on.

    The scene fades out as we see a close up of Kofi Kingston.

    We had back to the ring, for another match.

    Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow (The Miz at ringside)

    Winner: Damien Sandow via pinfall.

    Time: 13:50

    Damien Sandow stands in the middle of the ring, and points at The Miz. The Miz stands up from the commentary table and just looks at Sandow. Sandow's music begins to play as he walks out of the ring, while Cody Rhodes still trying to get up from the mat. The Miz looks at Rhodes, and slowly makes his way to him. Cody Rhodes looks at The Miz, who stands right in front of him from the outside of the ring. Miz tells him: "Tough luck!" and point at the Intercontinental belt. Cody Rhodes looks at The Miz walking back to the backstage area.

    Commercial break

    Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio via submission.

    Time: 15:00.

    Alberto Del Rio looks at the crowd, and than at Daniel Bryan. Alberto Del Rio mocks Bryan, but suddenly the lights go off. It was dark for a few moments, and than when the lights came back on, Kane was standing in the middle of the ring. Alberto Del Rio was knocked out. Kane helps Daniel Bryan to get up. Bryan looks at Kane, and screams: "NO! NO! NO!" Kane shouts at hime: "WE ARE PARTNERS!" Daniel Bryan shakes his head. Kane looks at Bryan and than fires up his pyro. Bryan shouts at Kane: "I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!" Kane tries hard not to pay attention to this: "Shut up!"

    As this two keep arguing, we had backstage to see a limousine arriving. From the limousine comes out Shane McMahon. The crowd cheers loudly, as it was the first appearance of Shane McMahon on a WWE show, since he left the company. Shane walks slowly to the direction of the arena.

    Meanwhile, Lilian Garcia tells everyone in the crowd to welcome the special guest, Shane McMahon. "Money, money, money..." His music plays as he comes out of the back and looks straight into the audience. He makes his signature jumping on the titantron, and than walks toward the ring. He smiles to the fans and gives some high fives. He asks for Lilian's microphone, and he looks at the audience one more time.

    Shane: It's great to be here!

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    Shane: I know I've been away for quite a long time, but I am here now. And boy, I need to be updated on the talent we have here, because I have literally no idea who are most of the people in the back.

    The crowd laughs a bit.

    Shane: You must be all wondering: "Why are you back, Shane?" Well, it's simple. I've decided to take once again on the daily duties of this company. I've decided that it's time for a young mind to try and change things. I think the WWE, and especially my father, are glad to have me back. Gotta say, I still think this company is the best in the world...

    CM Punk's music plays, and cuts out Shane's speech. CM Punk comes out alone, because Paul Heyman was recovering from what The Rock did to him on Raw. CM Punk grabs a microphone, and gets into the ring. He throws the WWE Championship the mat, and looks directly at Shane McMahon.

    Punk: So you are the guy that is going to change things around here, right? Well, if that is so. What are you going to do about The Rock giving my manger, Paul Heyman, a Rock Bottom. What are you going to to do about that?!

    Shane: First of all, who are you?

    Punk tries to keep his cool. The crowd laughs.

    Punk: Who am I? Apparently you weren't watching the show, which pretty much is disrespectful to me. I am the best damn wrestler in this company. I am the best this company has to offer today. But, that's not the matter right now. What matters is what will you do about The Rock attacking my manager? That's what I am here to talk about.

    Shane: I'm not here to talk about this. I am not in position yet to make any kind of changes. I'm not part of the company, if you remember. I am not in any official position in the WWE. I can't help you with this situation.

    Punk: Just as I thought. A McMahon Family member runs away from responsibility. You know something, Shane? You are just like your dad, you both decide to disrespect me using subliminal messages. But. at the same time you both act like cowards.

    Shane: If I am not wrong, you were the one running away from my dad couple of months ago.

    Punk: I am really, really, becoming this close to punching you in the face. Now answer my question: "What are you going to do about The Rock?"

    Shane looks at the crowd. And he turns his back to CM Punk trying to leave, but Punk grabs him by the jacket.

    Punk: You aren't going away until I get a response from you.

    Shane turns toward him and lands a punch to Punk's face. Punk falls on the ground from the punch. Shane's music plays, and he slowly walks out of the ring and goes back to the backstage area. CM Punk looks shocked at the fact he got punched.

    Commercial Break

    Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show

    We come back and we already see Kofi Kingston in the ring, waiting for his opponent, The Big Show. Big Show's music plays, as he slowly with a menacing facial expression walks to the ring. The crowd boos him. Big shows enters the ring and he looks right at Kofi Kingston. The bell rings and Kofi Kingston circles around the Big Show. Big Show quickly decides to stop it all, by grabbing Kofi Kingston by his neck. He picks him up and slams him down the canvas. Big Show stands and puts his boot on the knocked out body of Kofi Kingston. 1... 2... 3... It's over. But apparently Big Show's not done, and he decides to grab a chair, but as soon as he turns around, he gets greeted with am RKO from Randy Orton. Randy Orton stands in the middle of the ring, and looks directly into Big Show. Randy Orton takes a microphone.

    Orton: Big Show, we got a score to settle. I am not done with you....

    Randy Orton's music plays as he walks out of the ring, and helps Kofi Kingston to head to the back. Big Show stands up from the canvas and looks directly into Randy Orton. He angrily looks at both men leaving the ring. "You're dead!" He said to the camera, as if talking to Randy Orton.

    End of Show

    Feel free to leave feedback and comments and ideas, thank you!
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  2. You just wrote all of that? :damn:
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  4. I'll read it later tonight (watching rangers game right now) and will comment after.
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  6. They won but Callahan looks like he suffered a seperated shoulder :sad1:
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  8. Well you got me interested but I've learned that my gpa loves the hell out of em. So it's something to talk about with him every night because the mets/giants aren't playing. I don't think he likes bball very much either.
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  10. Okay first of all, I firmly believe if you're going to have shows this long, some color should be implemented to make it "pretty" to look at. Best way I could word it. I also wish you gave times out for how long the main events lasted, it bothers me that you didn't (CDO, I suppose). Also, there were several mistakes, of the grammatical kind. Like using "than" when you mean "then", among other ones. One mistake was hilarious to me, this one . . .

    "win a man?", it's like Del Rio thinks Bryan was asking him out xD. But those stuff aren't what's most important in a BTB. The most important thing would be the quality of the program you're booking and unfortunately I have a lot of problems with yours.

    I think the biggest problem with yours hinges on your back-story or lack thereof. The very limited back-story you supplied us with lied to us. You started that your universe starts with the first Raw of 2013 and that you're using the current day roster and champions. The fact of the matter is though, you aren't using the current day champions, you're using ones from months ago. Sheamus wasn't the World Champion entering 2013, Show won it from him months ago and yet here we have Sheamus as champion in a champion vs. champion match. On Smackdown, we had The Miz as intercontinental champion despite the fact that he lost it to Kofi who lost it to Barrett, all before 2012 came to an end. It really soured my opinion on this because it took me out of the context giving. Plus, some feuds just came out of nowhere, like Show vs. Randy appears to have been going on for awhile on the first Raw, despite the fact that Show was feuding with Del Rio during the time that lead up to this show. It wouldn't have been a difficult thing to key us in on the differences present in your universe prior to the show rather than just say something that isn't even true.

    Another one of my bigger problems is that some characters felt out of character. The biggest example has to be with Randy Orton coming out to check on Rey's condition and then help Mysterio to get on the stretcher. I understand he's a face but not even face Orton would react in a manner such as this. Especially since there has never been a set connection between Orton and Mysterio, at least not a positive one in WWE booking. Again, this could've been mended had you filled me in prior that Orton develop a bond with Mysterio that we cause him to care. But instead, it just came out of nowhere and felt so out of character.

    Another problem I had is the fact that you attempted to do promo's word-for-word. Personally, I never found this method to be fully effective, and always preferred summarizing the promos in paragraph format. Why? Well because it's less work for you, you get the points across you want to, can still write the few lines in you want to, allow for a bigger illusion of duration (what I mean is, when you write it all out, it can be hard to imagine it lasting longer than a few minutes with the length you've given, if you just summarize, it's a different story), and most importantly, the focus is more the idea behind it rather than the words spoken. If you don't have a near perfect grasp on the characters you're writing, then you're most likely not going to receive satisfactory results even if what you're going for is something that's a good idea. Several promos just didn't for reasons in this vein, and the others alluded to.

    Okay, done with the recurring problems, and down to the more specific. I really dislike like Punk/Rock direction but also dislike your booking of Punk thus far. Punk/Rock direction is partly because the promo feel victim to what the last paragraph discuss, but also because I thought WWE's build was almost perfect from what I've seen, and this just seems more generic (for the lack of a better word). In relation to Punk's booking, it seems you're booking him too weak. Him getting knocked down by Shane McMahon and then not even retaliate and running from Rocky just doesn't seem right, especially the former. Oh, and not a fan of the Kofi squash and the fact that the World Champion was absent bothered me. Also, where was Dolph Ziggler? And The Shield for that matter? Not knocking you for not including them just curious. And I'm guessing you're also not including a diva's division, which is understandable.

    As for some positives; I like the idea of Shane McMahon coming back; I rather like the Miz/Rhodes/Sandow portion of SD! and am generally a fan of pushing Sandow period; liked the Vince/Trips segment, even if it did come out of nowhere but I like the direction, and I'm theorizing Shane's return ties into that; and a Ryback/Barrett feud could wind up good.

    That's all I've got. Wasn't trying to come off as a dick, by the way, so apologies if I did. Will continuing to read these.
  11. WWE Universe Storyline News:

    - Rey Mysterio will be out of action for the upcoming two weeks.

    - John Cena had a meet and greet with some of our fans.

    - It is announced that there will be three legends in the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

    - WWE signed Matt Morgan to a contract. He will be debuting next week on Monday Night Raw.
  12. English isn't his first language.
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  13. WWE SmackDown 18/1/12

    The theme song to the show ends, we see the crowd who welcomes the beginning of the show. We hear Randy Orton's music playing, as he slowly comes out from the back. He stands in the middle of the ramp and looks at the crowd. The crowd welcomes him with cheers. Randy Orton gets into the ring and takes the microphone from Lilian Garcia. He looks at the crowd one more time.

    Orton: For the last few weeks, I've been witnessing the Big Show brutalize people. I've seen him take out Rey Mysterio, and than he tried to take out Kofi Kingston. Now, I need am not the type of guy who runs will save someone, but that was too much, even for me. Rey Mysterio been taken out of action and he will be missing the next few weeks. Now I don't about all of you (points at the crowd), but I really think someone needs to stop this madness. So, Big Show, I've had a little talk with Triple H, and he told me, that tonight, you will face me inside a steel cage. That way you won't have no place to run away.

    Randy Orton's music plays as the crowd goes crazy from this announcement.

    We head than the backstage area, and we see Wade Barrett, who is set for action against Yoshi Tatsu.

    Wade Barrett vs Yoshi Tatsu

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall.

    Time: 01:00.

    Commercial break

    As we get back from commercials, we see Big Show walking backstage, and looking for Triple H. He than finds Triple H's office and opens the door. Triple H looks at him and he turns off his mobile phone. Triple H gets into the face of the Big Show.

    Show: I just want to know one thing, Hunter. Why did you book this match?

    HHH: I can see that you are upset and angry, but here's the thing, Show. I can't let you run down and beat up my roster. And quite frankly, I don't like you. You have the 'balls' to beat up smaller guys, but you have a problem with fighting inside a steel cage?

    Show: You think I am scared of a steel cage? You think I am scared? I am not scared of anybody. I never been scared of anything in my entire life, so trust me, Hunter, I am not scared of tiny little cage. But, remember one thing, that if something happens to me, I'll be coming for you. And trust me that's not going a good thing.

    HHH: You won't do anything to me, because if you do, I'll get your ass fired. Now do me a favor, Show, get out of my office... NOW!

    Big Show looks angrily at Triple H and gets out of the office.

    We had back to the ring for another SmackDown action.

    Darren Young (with Titus O'Neil) vs Tyson Kidd

    Winner: Darren Young via pinfall.

    Time: 06:00.

    Commercial break

    We come back and we are set for yet another match-up.

    The Miz vs Wade Barrett

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall.

    Time: 11:40.

    We see Wade Barrett walking around The Miz, and decides to grab a chair from the outside. He heads back into the ring, but The Miz was already out of the ring with his title. Wade Barrett drops the chair on the mat and smiles. Barrett's music plays as he plays it off to the crowd.

    After the match we see Kane and Daniel Bryan in the locker room. Bryan walks from left to right, while Kane is just sitting and looks at Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan: 'Mental ill' he tells me. I hate him. NO! NO! NO!

    Kane: Calm down, already! Del Rio and his little buddy will get what they deserve, you just need to calm down.

    Bryan: Don't tell me to calm down. Did you not see what he told me last week? NO! I won't let anyone provoke me again this way. He will get his, that's a promise.

    Daniel Bryan gets out of the locker room, and Kane stands up and walks after him. He gets out of the locker and sees Daniel Bryan running in the hall way.

    Kane: Where are you going? We got a tag team match right now.

    Kane looks at Daniel Bryan as he disappears at the corner. Kane decides to go on his own to the ring.

    Kane vs Epico and Primo - WWE Tag Team titles on the line

    Winner: Kane, via pinfall after a double chokeslam.

    Time: 07:00.

    Kane stands in the middle of the ring with both titles in his hands, but gets interrupted by Alberto Del Rio, who appears on the titantron screen.

    ADR: Hey, big monster, hope you are having a blast, because I got your partner over here (the camera shows Daniel Bryan who is unconscious.), and I think he needs your help.

    Kane runs out of the ring and to the backstage area. The camera follows him, as he enters the locker rooms, but gets attacked by Alberto Del Rio. Kane tries to fight back, and pushes Del Rio to the wall. Del Rio lays on the ground hurt, and Kane looks at Daniel Bryan. While Kane was checking Daniel Bryan, he got struck with one of the tag team belts in the back of the head. Kane falls next to Daniel Bryan, and Alberto Del Rio takes both their titles with him. He laughs at them, giving one last look, before leaving the locker rooms.

    Commercial break

    Randy Orton vs Big Show (Steel Cage)

    We had back to the ring, and we see the steel cage lowering. The cage is set up around the ring, and Randy Orton's music begins to play. Randy Orton slowly walks to the cage and looks at it. He gets inside the steel cage and stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for his opponent. The Big Show's music begins to play, as he slowly shows up, and seems to be hesitating to step closer to the steel cage. He stands next the door, and Randy Orton tells him to get in. Big Show gets inside the cage, and Randy Orton quickly tries to capitalize and take advantage as he kicks Big Show's gut, and starts punching away at him. Big Show just pushes him off. Randy Orton tries again, and Big Show again pushes him off, but this time to the corner of the ring. Big Show runs toward Randy Orton and gives him a splash in the corner. Randy Orton falls to the mat. Big Show picks him up and throws him face first into the steel cage. Randy Orton falls to the mat feeling the pain, but Big Show again picks throws him to the steel cage. Randy Orton his laying on the ground feeling the pain from all of that. Big Show puts a sleeper hold on Randy Orton. Randy Orton struggles to breathe, but eventually frees himself from the hold, using three elbow strikes to Big Show's stomach. Orton dropkicks the Big Show, and Big Show seems groggy. Randy Orton tries to capitalize on it and grabs Big Show by his head and tries to slam him face first into the cage, but gets blocked. Big Show blocks the attempt and give a powerful clothesline. Randy Orton laying on the ground. Big Show grabs him by the neck, and drags him to the side, and starts slamming Orton's face into the cage. Big Show decides to grind his face on the cage. Randy Orton falls to the mat, as he seems to be busted open. Big Show continues the punishment. Randy Orton is starting to bleed more and more. Big Show let go of him, and Randy Orton falls down to the mat like a tree. Big Show looks at the crowd, who boos him. He than turns his attention to Randy Orton, who suprisingly gives Big Show an RKO. Big Show and Randy Orton are laying on the mat. Randy Orton slowly crawls to the door to escape and win the match, but Big Show caught his leg, and dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Big Show picks him up again, but Randy Orton again surprises Big Show with an RKO. Randy Orton than goes to the corner, feeling dizzy, but yet he sets up the Big Show for punt kick. Big Show tries to get up, and Orton runs toward him, but the punt gets blocked, and Big Show gets back on his feet. He grabs Randy Orton's neck and slam him with a powerful chokeslam. Big Shows begins to climb the cage, Randy Orton tries to get up, but he is unable, so he crawls to the door. Big Show is half way through. Randy Orton's sight is blurred by all the blood across his face. He continues to crawl to the door, and the referee unlocks it. At the same time Big Show is already passing through to the other side. The Big Shows is getting climbing down, and he drops on both it to the outside. The bell rings. Big Show stands and raises his hands in sign of victory.

    Justin Robert: Your winner of this match... Randy Orton!

    The Big Show turns around in disbelief. Randy Orton was able to crawl out of the cage before Big Show got dropped down. Randy Orton is standing, but he his groggy from all the blood loss. Big Show gets angry and takes out a chair from under the ring. He comes closer to Randy Orton and gives him a huge chairshot to the head. Randy Orton falls to the ground, and Big Show starts to punch him. He waits for Orton to get up again, and delivers a knockout punch, that makes Orton spin around and fall to the ground. Big Show looks at Orton with an angry look. Triple H and medics come to the aid of Randy Orton. Triple H gets into Big Show face. 'What was that all about?' he asks the Big Show. Big Show pushes him and Triple H falls to the ground. Big Show looks at Triple H: 'I did what I had to do. It's you responsibility now, Hunter'. The show ends with Triple H looking at the Big Show, and the medics working on Randy Orton.


    That's all for today's show...

    Feel free to leave feedback and comments on the show. Thanks for reading.
  14. Ah, didn't know. That doesn't really change much though, considering how grammar is like the most insignificant part of what makes a BTB good and thus should be the last thing worked on what's everything else is solid. Mostly bring it up because my brain doesn't allow me to skip through any kind of critique that comes into my mind, as it's still something that can be improved upon, even though it's [more] easily forgivable considering the circumstances so meh.

    As for the show, I'm confused and have a few complaints.

    I) What happened to Raw? you just skipped it and did the next week's Smackdown. Why?

    II) Why did Wade Barrett have two matches tonight? Because his first one against Tatsu was so quick? Would've liked some kind of explanation there.

    III) I guess the Shane McMahon thing will just carry over on Raw, a bit odd since he returned on Smackdown but considering his altercation with Punk it's logical. But what happened to the story with Sandow/Miz/Cody? That was definitely my favorite part of the last batch yet it wasn't even referenced here.

    IV) Darren Young beating Tyson Kidd. This is just a personal preference, not knocking the show for this.

    As for the positives, the progression of the Orton/Show feud, even with my problems with it, was nice. Particularly the cage match finish and post-match stuff. Can't say I'd care if I was watching since I really don't like Big Show but you're booking him strong and doing it right so from an objective point of view nothing wrong there. The Team Hell No/Del Rio feud is starting to get good.
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