My Xbox keeps freezing

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Zach, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. I need to get a cheap Xbox... original (the white one). All I really need is the console no wires or games, what can I do?
  2. sounds like a personal problem bub
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  3. Fuckin ****s
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  4. love you too bb
  5. fucking craigslist? Your xbox keeps freezing because of where it is most likely, get it out in the open area and not on carpet or whatever shit you are doing now. The next step is red ring, but could help buy you some time to get a new console. You should be able to get it for 50-75 max.
  6. This isn't Yahoo Answers. Go to Ebay, Craigslist or Game Stop.
  7. Leave the stupid condescending attitude out of this thread, deth and Dolph's do it better
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  8. dont go to gamestop.
  9. I did, they are a bunch of queers, best deal for a 4gb original xbox 360 no wires controllers games was 119.99 lol
  10. Aren't you supposed to leave every other day only to return a month later?
  11. yeah buddy. Arent you close to a big city? Craigslist there bro, you can get way way better deals there. I got a tv for less than half by driving the 90 miles to the twin cities, and snagged a bunch of other random shit that day. Get some Dolph's Douche for that lady you are way into at your job while you're there.
  12. Dolph's douche? my contend!
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  13. Dolph's Douche, no tag necessary.
  14. Who's Dolph's douche?
  15. it's what is dolph's douche, and it's something your sister needs to start using, that shit is rank.
  16. Don't have a sister :troll:
  17. not sure if troll face or your ultimate warrior sig.
  18. Nah it's Linda Shapiro [​IMG]
  19. I'll sell you mine for 100$, you pay for the shipping too. :adr:
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