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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by euantor, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. First of all, IDK if you're using the latest version of MyAlerts here or not. Second, I'll likely be adding this code snippet to the next version but I'd love to see it manually added here in the meantime. I can't believe I overlooked it.
  2. CTRL + F5'd and it still doesn't close when I click off it. Though I believe I went to edit that file the same time Solidus did, so inb4 I've ruined something.
  3. It needs to go in the jQuery block :emoji_wink:
  4. It works.
  5. Aye, it does now it's in the jQuery block :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. :terry:

    This makes things easier though, nice change. Are we the first btw?
  7. Nah. I posted the code ages back in the release thread but completely forgot about it till I got an alert here earlier.
  8. Well that's depressing. No idea what version we are using by the way, I can't remember. Probably not the latest, but I assume it doesn't matter?
  9. It is the latest version I think, only PluginLibrary is outdated.
    Btw Crayo, I renamed all instances of 'alert' and 'alerts' to 'notification' and 'notifications'. I think you forgot that.
  10. Yeah we got all lazy. Thanks lol.

    Btw, it's a little annoying if you mis-click on the down-down and it still closes. I think it should only click off if you click outside the drop-down, not if you click in it as well. Make sense or not?
  11. It's probably up to date with the mods site. I pushed a few changes to GitHub to fix the issues you were experiencing here where when alerts were disabled people still received them though.


    Ah, didn't think of that. Try adding this:

    $('.myalerts_popup > *').on('click', function(event) {
  12. ^ that works.
    Also Crayo, I added settings next to 'View Notification', I read somewhere you wanted that.
  13. The drop down won't open for me now so I can't see lol :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. Yeah, it isn't opening for me either. I may have bodged that code lol
  15. It is for me. Better revert that change though.
  16. Or it may be because the MyAlerts JS is in the headerinclude twice.
  17. Okay, removed one and added the code back. How is it?
    Now I can't open them.
  18. The menu does now open but the previous issue of clicking within the menu still occurs.
  19. Can't even open it now, with or without the code above.
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