News Mysterio Returns To The Ring

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Oct 18, 2013.


    I'd like to see Ricardo Rodriguez, who has nothing to do now RVD has gone, become his manager. That could lead to a feud with Del Rio which I'd be interested in.

    How should he return to WWE TV?
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  2. I thought Mysterio had retired. Can't say I am looking forward to him returning, I liked him back in the day but to me he is now past it.
  3. How about Mysterio, Sin Cara, *and* Del Rio teaming up to take on a) The Shield, or b) The Wyatt Family?
  4. I actually like Sin Cara & Mysterio. I could see them becoming Tag Team Champions for a night.
  5. One more match, one more match. I would love to see rey return for one more run. Love his matches.
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  6. I still think he should wrestle a final match and retire before he screws his knees up even worse.

  7. You're spot on with Ricardo managing Rey. Rey and Ricardo both have long-standing history with Del Rio. Rey's been at his best the past few years against Del Rio and against Jericho.
  8. Great to see him back, but I don't think WWE will give him a big push and make him feud with ADR
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO more Mysterio/Cara matches.
  10. I dig Sin Cara's entrance, and he's not as bad as people make him out to be. That said, he's far from the next superstar luchador, the next Rey Mysterio.
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  11. I really liked what i saw from random Hunico matches, the gimmick was shit though.
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  12. Exactly. He had a unique style in the ring, but the ultra-racist gimmick wasn't my cup of tea.
  13. he has some youtube video from him doing cribs, he has some dope masks.

  14. Hunico is a pretty darn good talent imo,shame he's injured. As for Rey,it's good to see he's healthy again. I don't really care for him taking up some TV time but I guess it was coming sooner or later.
  15. Looking forward to his return, love em or hate him his matches are always really good. And hey, it's his choice of when he wants to retire.

    Miss Hunico too, but got a kick out of the gimmick though, have no idea why, just this lil' dude yelling from the back of his bike that they didn't bother pedaling. Just great.
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  16. It's Rey fuckin' Mysterio... if he can go he can take all the TV time he wants. I'm happy he's healthy, and hope to see one more title run.
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  17. Hey, are you guys positive he actually had a match? This is a photo taken from a show in HIldago on 9/22/2013

    and a video
  18. Camacho would have been kneeing his arms trying to pedal that tiny piece of shit.
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  19. Looking forward to his return, I`ve always liked him
  20. The dude is a legend. My fave wrestler when I was a kid. But the time to retire has come.
    He deserves one last match, one last big match that doesnt need to be for a title. I would love (me as a mark) Mysterio vs Neville or Mysterio vs Zayn (Considering Mysterio vs Samuray del Sol is even more impossible)
    Both men could play a face role and just a "I want you to be the last opponent i face".
    But whatevs, Mysterio should hang the boots after a great storyline. 2014 should be his last year.
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