Mysterio & Sin Cara

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. It seems they're going in the direction of teaming these two up. Are you happy with this? I personally would have loved them to fight at Wrestlemania first, but maybe it's best to have them team up and then split + fight at WM.

    Either way I've seen some mixed opinions on it. The reasons I think it's great are as follows:

    1) Both of them are credible stars in the WWE.
    2) You can easily believe they would team up, having a similar look, both being mexican, both being masked and both being high-fliers. It's the perfect amount of similarities for successful tag-teams.
    3) It's someone Rey can help fit in. Sin botches qutie a lot. Not because he's a bad wrestler, but because he can't communicate. Rey and Sin can communicate in their native tongue.
    4) It keeps Rey away from the main event for the time being which is great, as he has nothing really to do.
    5) In the ring you know they're going to excite us, we saw signs of that last night. Rey being the best high-flier in WWE history and Sin has the potential to equal that.
    6) It's a tag-team we can finally give a shit about. It's a team everyone is going to get behnid and it's exactly what the tag-division needs.
  2. I like it, for all your reasons listed. Was hoping for one to Put Hunico over but that was a pipedream at best it seems. Just keep them out of the Title contention.
  3. Sounds good to me. It's not a random team of 2 random singles guys, it's 2 guys with the same background, similar looks, they already have some tag moves, neither one has anything to do at the moment... It makes sense, unlike with the current champs.
  4. :sandow:
  5. Agree'd with all those reasons, but i don't like rey that much. I know he's a dominant superstar but im my opinion, he's too overrated and he's in nearly every smackdown episode.
  6. Yeah, they'll team for a bit (which is great as you said, considering the tag division nowadays) until one turns on the other and they fight at WM with Rey putting Cara over. I'm going to enjoy that.

    inb4 one of them gets injured and screws everything up.
  7. :yes:
  8. Yeah, that would be quite a good story line. i would personally pay to watch it.
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