Mysterio/Sin Cara

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Retro, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Really liking this duo of Cara and Mysterio. They have been doing some sweet stuff lately and I really hope they continue to tag, challenge for Tag titles?
  2. Please, no. It will happen though, so at least you can be happy. I'm a PTP fan myself, get young talent over.
  3. PTP is the best
  4. I enjoy PTP also, but I like Cara and Rey.
  5. [​IMG] I thought I was the best?
  7. :LOL1:
  8. Kane and Bryan should hold the title for at least a couple months. I'd only be cool with Cara/Mysterio with the titles if they feud and put over PTP.
  9. Rey and Cara would make good tag team champs, but hopefully it will end in cara turning heel and them having a wrestlemania match
  10. This is very likely.
  11. not really sure cara is worthy of winning at WM though :finger:
  12. He will be against Rey Mysterio, as communication won't be a issue. He won't botch against Mysterio.
  13. I think they'll win the title, then eventually defend against PTP, one of them will attack the other, turning heel, costing them the titles, and they have a match at WM.
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