News Mysterious Noise Emitted By Caribbean Sea Detected From Space

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  1. Baffled scientists have discovered a mysterious noise that is emanating from the Caribbean Sea. This low pitched sound cannot be heard by humans but can be detected from space. Scientists have never heard anything like it. Beneath the hum of giant waves and other unexplained noise from the deep ocean, another baffling sound is emitted by the Caribbean Sea.

    Scientists at the University of London have found that due to the size of the sea, it’s producing a sound from its seafloor which plays a note of A-flat. This new underwater noise, far too low pitched for humans to hear can be detected from space. Scientists have never seen—or heard—anything like it. READ MORE

    Cthulhu? Seven trumpets?
  2. The end is here.
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  3. Did you know that the deep sea has been considered "hell" by a lot of religious and belief systems around the world for centuries? I don't think that is coincidental. It is said that the deep sea is the gateway to hell. Things we can't even imagine live there. I can picture something happening when the end draws near... And some of these "things" showing themselves. The bible does say that demons will physically walk the earth. I am being paranoid I am sure, but there is so much about space we are lied to about and so much about the deep sea left undiscovered.
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  4. Maybe someone has finally gathered all seven dragonballs!! Oooor the end is here and I'm dying a virgin...
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  5. Nope, I'm with you. "And four great beasts were coming up from the sea, different from one another."

    People don't think this stuff is literal, BUT I DO!
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  6. TIN HATS ON PEOPLE! THE END IS NIGH! :angry: :madcat:
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  7. Is this the same kind of noise as the "bloop" thing that was reported years ago?

    Nobody ever found out what that was either.
  8. Think so. Its nothing new really.

    This is from 2013 -