MysteriOW! injured again at SD tapings

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Feb 13, 2014.

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  2. Will WWE ever learn that if they want to keep his as an active competitor, he can't take too many falls to the outside?
  3. Just retire Rey, before you end up in a wheelchair... crazy amount of damage for 1 knee to take.
  4. inb4 he returns and is injured again.
  5. He is way past his sell by date, just retire Rey.
  6. I want him to have at least one more match at 'Mania.
  7. Mysterio vs Nash in a winner gets a free knee surgery match.
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  8. I'm starting to think Rey getting injured on occasion is written into his contract.
  9. Holy fuck dude. The child in me always liked Rey but he does need to retire. Don't see him going anywhere in storylines as it is, I think it's time.
  10. It would be best for the fans and Rey if he just hung them up. I feel like I've posted this in the last 4-5 "Mysterio injured" Threads, though.
  11. Damn his been racking up the injuries
  12. Sin Cara left, ADR is looking to leave, Rey is about to retire sooner rather than later because of these injuries man,, Mexico's future ain't looking to good in the WWE aside from Los Matadores.
  13. Kalisto in NXT is better than everyone you mentioned.
  14. He hasn't even done a taping yet.. He's done a few random live events.
    I hardly consider him an actual part of NXT at the moment even though he technically is on a contract.
  15. It takes a while to get on TV. Calihan aint on TV, Zayn wasn't on TV for months. Give it time jeez. He has done plenty more than 1 live event,
  16. So 2 with NXT I'm pretty sure he's only wrestled Callihan and Baron Corbin so far in a live event, and he's been signed since May of last year.
  17. Calihan has been signed longer and hasn't made his debut, its a lot more than 2 as well. Just because you haven't made your debut on TV doesn't mean your not part of NXT.
  18. Really? Cuz I was pretty sure both officially signed contracts in May of last year,
    ahh so he's been in 5 shows total for them but none for the last 2 months, and Callihan has only been in 2.. my mistake got the numbers mixed up.
  19. Damn I appreciate everything the dude has done but its time to retire before something life ruining happens.
  20. Primo and Epico are Puerto Rican dog
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